Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What is wordpress multisite ?

What is wordpress multisite ?

One of the most interesting features of wordpress but we rarely take advantage, it is the feature to create multiple web sites on the same wordpress source code. The feature is called wordpress multisite.
What is wordpress multisite ?

In the past, it had a different name, wordpress multi user. But now we should call wordpress multisite for accuracy.
Wordpress multisite is a features available in the wordpress version of the source of 3.0, It can help us create a network of many websites on the same WP source code. And we can create as many websites as you like but not need to put new code for each website. It was wonderful, was not it ?

Application of wordpress multisite

Most of us have the need to create a network with many linked websites on the same server these days you should use the wordpress multisite feature is the best.
For example, the tutsplus page has many subpages,, and we can use wordpress multisite to create a network of many linked sites so, you can even link people to different sites. you can even link all users together so that they can sign in to any site on the network.

Benefits and when should not use wordpress multisite

We first need to know the benefits of using WP multisite:
  • Easily manage updates of source code and plugins / themes,  Because all subnets in the network use the same source code as a theme and plugins.
  • Can create sub-sites as you like and easily delegate and manage it.
  • Save resources, because the same source code for many website resources will save more than each website a different source code.

The case should not use WP multisite.
  • when You need each website is a separate IP because the sub-website whether using a domain name is not only pointing to the IP of the parent website, so it is not possible to use the IP separately for the child website.
  • You need a separate database because all the subnets in the same network share the same database, just that it has its own data tables.

Overall, if you need to build a website system that you believe will not make a big difference in the appearance of your website then you should use this feature.


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