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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Contact form 7 multi-step for wordpress.

contact form7 multi-step
interface contact form 7 multi-step

In your website, everything is perfect, but your contact form is complex, lengthy, unfriendly to your website visitors, which you know, when customers look at a complex form. Spilled and not reduce their buying needs. However, do not worry about this article. Will introduce you a plugins to help out the form of simple and clean friendly  help for your website visitors. But do not worry about this article I will introduce you a plugin to help you provide simple and clean help to your website visitors.
It's the  contact form multi-step. Let's explore together.

what is the contact form 7 multi-step?

contact form 7 multi-step
inside contact form 7 multi-step

Contactform 7 multi-step plugins support additional steps for complex forms in your website, it is the best solution to keep your forms simple and clean, creating a visitor-friendly experience, more than that, it's easy to use and just a simple operation is possible to master a new form, also with one simple step, you can further customize or delete the information field you want, It's extremely easy to use, created to help everyone create a new form yourself without any programming knowledge. Because of this, when using contact form 7 multi-step it will help you get the information fully, accurately and simply.


Contact form 7 will be completely customizable regardless of whether you want to change it to suit your requirements.
It's designed with a simple user interface contact form 7 multi-step that first makes you quick to get used to the plugin.
Be prepared with useful materials available to solve any problems you may encounter.
The available tags allow you to sort emails based on their importance.


contact form 7 multi-step
install contact form7 multi-step

Manual installation is easy and takes less than one minute.

Download the plugin from ninjateam.com, unpack it and upload the [Contact Form 7 Multi-Step] folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
Go to your Contact Form in WordPress left menu > Contact to add step tag and click Save Changes button.
Done. Enjoy.
It's simple, right

Note: If you don’t have Contact Form 7 just yet. You can download here

A simple and clean form, which can be typed into the shopping cart, makes them more informative in the form, increasing the conversion rate.

interface of contact form 7 multi-step by ninjateam.org

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