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Saturday, December 30, 2017

How to increase revenue from reminding customers to forget the shopping cart on your website (part 2)

In the previous article we have explored the steps to use thoroughly to remind customers to forget the cart to increase sales revenue. Like using cart back, shopping cart is completely forgotten ..... today we will go to the second part to be able to make good use of the forgotten cart.

ok lets begin

Maximize the value of e-mail abandoned cart

Most online retailers focus on optimizing and sending updates to abandoned shopping carts, the strategy of remarketing shopping carts is instead of focusing on the other aspects of the customer experience. Three key to re-attract the forgotten cart is
  • Consider when and why shopping carts are forgotten: At what point in the shopping journey of the customer, the buyer has decided to close their shopping window? Review the details they fill out, the coupons they use and their referral sources will let you turn shopping motives and forget their shopping cart. By analyzing such information, you can remind customers to forget their shopping cart so they can re-purchase their shopping cart and many other cases forget the cart.
  • Personalized experiences after click: When customers agree to return to their forgotten carts, Give them a special experience that will eventually encourage them to purchase, perhaps the missing elements of their initial experience are the reason for forgetting their shopping cart, or, the previous cart contains cryptic features like clumsy navigation bars or unnecessary personal information fields. Avoid these errors and increase your experience to encourage customers to purchase the first time.
  • Create a customer-friendly website: Buyers spend more time online on their smartphones and tablets than on desktops or laptops, while moving people will also shop on their phones, tens of millions of online shoppers with smartphones, and with the development of facebook now, ecommerce outlets lose significant revenue opportunities by skipping the use of responsive design for facebook messenger, reminding customers to forget about their facebook and their landing page.

Last words

Do not skip the shopping cart reminder. Shoppers who previously landed on your site and walked away from their cars could eventually turn to your competitors to meet their needs. Without your prompting to return to your store, they may finish their purchases elsewhere. By automating the customer's shopping cart reminder, you remind buyers to continue their shopping experience and ultimately order with you - rather than your competitors.

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