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Saturday, December 30, 2017

How to increase revenue from reminding customers to forget the shopping cart on your website (part 2)

In the previous article we have explored the steps to use thoroughly to remind customers to forget the cart to increase sales revenue. Like using cart back, shopping cart is completely forgotten ..... today we will go to the second part to be able to make good use of the forgotten cart.

ok lets begin

Maximize the value of e-mail abandoned cart

Most online retailers focus on optimizing and sending updates to abandoned shopping carts, the strategy of remarketing shopping carts is instead of focusing on the other aspects of the customer experience. Three key to re-attract the forgotten cart is
  • Consider when and why shopping carts are forgotten: At what point in the shopping journey of the customer, the buyer has decided to close their shopping window? Review the details they fill out, the coupons they use and their referral sources will let you turn shopping motives and forget their shopping cart. By analyzing such information, you can remind customers to forget their shopping cart so they can re-purchase their shopping cart and many other cases forget the cart.
  • Personalized experiences after click: When customers agree to return to their forgotten carts, Give them a special experience that will eventually encourage them to purchase, perhaps the missing elements of their initial experience are the reason for forgetting their shopping cart, or, the previous cart contains cryptic features like clumsy navigation bars or unnecessary personal information fields. Avoid these errors and increase your experience to encourage customers to purchase the first time.
  • Create a customer-friendly website: Buyers spend more time online on their smartphones and tablets than on desktops or laptops, while moving people will also shop on their phones, tens of millions of online shoppers with smartphones, and with the development of facebook now, ecommerce outlets lose significant revenue opportunities by skipping the use of responsive design for facebook messenger, reminding customers to forget about their facebook and their landing page.

Last words

Do not skip the shopping cart reminder. Shoppers who previously landed on your site and walked away from their cars could eventually turn to your competitors to meet their needs. Without your prompting to return to your store, they may finish their purchases elsewhere. By automating the customer's shopping cart reminder, you remind buyers to continue their shopping experience and ultimately order with you - rather than your competitors.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017


Introducing the free plugins are also boring, today I will post a post just to introduce the plug-in fee for you to refer to as needed with the theme of the article decoration support.
The reason we introduce premium plugins is that sometimes we need to find plugins that have advanced requirements that can not be included in free plugins or if there is less ability to work and support. On the other hand, paying to use the plugin does not only make you use a professional plugin, but you are also supported as a god and the most important is to appreciate those plugins for use and exploitation. its potential. That's why I always want to use the paid plugins, though every time I buy plugins I fast and eat fast, fast and fast ... hungry, never think that the rich or good to use. paid plugins. Well, I'm not a long line anymore, I go into the content only.

Premium plugins support professional article d├ęcor

Visual Composer for WordPress

Referring to the article decorating function without mentioning Visual Composer is indeed a big mistake. By default, when writing articles in WordPress, we use the default WordPress editor, which includes features like adding text colors, adding images, adding lists, aligning, blah ... blah ... But you want to split the article. multi-slide, 1-side slide insertion, button insertion, social button insertion .... Of course, WordPress is not available, and if you need to do so in an article, pay close attention to Visual Composer, and you'll feel great when your post is formatted in a unique way. This plugin, which is why I bought it from the early days.

ByTomi Layout Builder & Shortcode Generator


If you need to insert a list of posts into the same article, you may want to consider this plugin. Its main function is to help you use shortcode to create a separate layout for an article and you can insert anything into it, including the article list or slider. The most prominent feature of this plugin is the support for a lot of different shortcode so you can customize your article more lively.

Revealer - Unveil Content when it's Relevant


If you often write a tutorial, then there is a problem that we are quite confused sometimes in the article uses some terminology or information that you want the reader to refer to before viewing the article. You can write a small note at the beginning of the article but that will not be very professional or sometimes the reader ignores or does not read the content. It's good to include these messages in a self-contained area when scrolling through them, and this plugin will help you do that.

However, consider using it as it may affect the page load speed.

Taqyeem - WordPress Plugin Review


If you have ever heard of the AuthorhReview plugin to create a professional review, then now you can have a better and cheaper option that is using the Taqyeem Review Plugin. For only $ 14 you can have the plugin support you to write reviews that support Google Rich Snippet, widgets display reviews (3 types), professional review frame, font and color correction functions, for Membership evaluation, ... .. That is why I just bought it soon and future will be able to use because I am having trouble with Ioncube Loader, which is required components when using AuthorhReview plugin.

Super Carousel - Responsive WordPress Plugin


Want to insert a large photo slide in the middle of the article? Want to insert a list of other articles as a slide? Want to insert a member's photo slide inside the post? Are you worried about finding a photo slideshow plugin that supports Responsive? ... Forget those worries and questions just by using the Super Carousel plugin. Its purpose is to help you create a slide show of images or content in responsive format in the middle of the article or somewhere in the theme without having to manipulate too much, just drag and drop is you. There was a beautiful slide with many professional effects.

Restaurant Menu Builder


If you have a WordPress website / blog about restaurants, eateries, frenches ... thank you for letting Corsonr author the Restaurant Manu plugin. As its name implies, this plugin will help you create a menu that is set up as an offline menu with the same food information. When clicked on it also moves with beautiful effects that your customers can not see. This is a shortcode format so you can insert it anywhere.

Ultimate Chart


If you have a need to regularly insert graphs into your posts, you will probably need this plugin. Although there are quite a few graphical plugins for WordPress, it's free, but you can see that its graph is very bad, with no moving effects, so it's not attractive to readers. With the Ultimate Chart, you can create multiple graphs of different types, most notably supporting stunning motion effects.



There are now many free plugins that allow you to insert a photo album into a post / page via a shortcode, typically the NextGen Gallery. But if you need more motion effects then most free plugins are not supported by simply jQuery effects that sometimes have to pay to use. But with a premium plugin you will have all the criteria: Simple, easy to use, less conflict and importantly nice effects. Typically the iGallery plugin that I'm introducing here.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How to increase revenue from reminding customers to forget the shopping cart on your website (part1)

If asked, most shop owners say that potential customers leave their shopping carts because they are not ready to buy, many people do not buy because of technical errors. But when psychologists shoppers explain “You have to understand that customers often abandon their shopping carts without the intention of doing so, for example, if you are buying a website that is faulty, or if the purchase process is too complicated or your website has run out of time ... Businesses that want to remarket to their customers have reached the payment stage, so check out these tips to leverage the plugin to remind customers to forget your shopping cart to boost sales.

Use cartback to remind your customers forget their cart

Using the cartback method is the most effective and optimal way to remind customers to forget their shopping cart, it will send the message to the customer's personal email box on their facebook to inform them that they have forgotten the shopping cart on your website.
So you can increase your revenue as if it were lost from those customers, in addition, it is a tool you can remarketing for many people who visit your website.

find the necessary contact information

To convince shoppers to return, online retailers must actively seek customers on facebook, many times, during the shopping process, retailers should remind visitors to share their facebook IP address.
Three ways can collect contact information:
Offer discounts, promotions, or other special deals. Make it interesting for your customers to share and share their facebook information with you.
Become a member of your store. With your store account, give customers special access to different areas of your website, experts have encouraged customers who have signed up from their IP address to log in to that account every time they purchase.
Include non-committed guest payments. Ask your customer for their full name, mailing address, and order confirmation, once you know the information of your customers, you will have many opportunities to be able to remarket them.

The perfect IP forgotten shopping cart

Retailers are most successful because they turn solutions that remind customers into science and apply it, to imitate their success, your store should prioritize the collection of customer information through facebook and use the cartback to remind customers who forget the shopping cart on your website. And in the plugin reminder CartCache CartBack will also have analytics so you can track the number of messages sent, the number of carts left, the number of carts sold again.
and below are the 16 extremely important elements to be able to analyze an abandoned shopping cart.
emphasize the subject line: The message of the seller is often overlooked surprise, the surprise can prevent the recipient to open the mail, avoid the message remind customers forget the shopping cart ignored bnaj message must have clear message headline and press Strong on reminding your customers.
Descriptive text.
Focus on the customer.
Create fun highlights for messages reminding customers to forget the shopping cart, avoid causing boring customers.
Customer's shopping cart, including a direct link to the shopping cart that the customer has forgotten and has streamlined the payment process for guests. Tell the buyer that you are holding their item for a limited time to encourage them to make a quick decision.
Sometimes the last minute discount, push the price sensitive customer to activate now with an exclusive promotion to help them complete the purchase.
Suggest related items.
Smart Call to Action (CTA).
Triggers based on time. Send your first email within a few hours after a shopper has abandoned her shopping cart.
Leave your refund policy. Sometimes, shoppers hesitate when making purchases because they worry that they can not undo the purchase or return the product they are not satisfied with. Make your return policy clear to lessen their concerns and provide customers with peace of mind.
Target customer reviews.
Retailer contact information.
Opt-out link.
(to be continue)

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017



Under Construction Mode / Maintenance Mode is the general term for the pages containing the message that the website is upgrading or maintaining. Often, webmasters will display under construction to prevent visitors from seeing the content inside. To create an under construction page in WordPress, there are two ways to do this:
Use plugin.
Use theme.
Although these two ways are different but it is still the same feature that when people visit any page in the blog will display under construction site instead of original content. And in this post, I will share a nice plugin for underbuilding under the name WordPress Maintenance - Under Construction Mode that I bought at Codecanyon for $ 13 and will list some other plugins and themes in End of the article for everyone to refer.

Download WordPress Maintenance - Under Construction Mode

You have to download the network first

Installation and use instructions

Once downloaded, the extracted files will be a directory and a file like this

Then go to Plugins ⇨ Add New and then upload the file dpMaintenance.zip. The documentation directory is the instruction manual.
After activation, you go to Maintenance and active it.

Finished, your next job is to activate or opt-in on its available options. Let's briefly list the options contained in this plugin as follows:

General Setting

Basic plugin options such as activation, logo customization, theme selection (6 different themes), member group option can see Maintenance message and insert tracking script (Google Analytics, ...).

Timer Widget

Option to display countdown timer on maintenance page. Here you can customize the countdown timer, customizable text and also have a rather special function that automatically deactivates the plugin when the countdown timer ends.

Progress Bar Widget

Optionally display progress bar, you can optionally complete percentage to display. This is for me, but it does not automatically change.

Social Widget

Optional display of links to social networking sites.

Company Information

You can write a introduction or a reason for closing here, which will display a small area beneath the maintenance page.

Flickr Images Widget

Option to display images on Flickr account.

Twitter Feed Widget

Option to display the latest tweets on your Twitter account.


Optional display of links, such as blogroll.

Newsletter Widget

Option to display the newsletter signup bar via email, but unfortunately it only supports Mailchimp.

Contact Form Widget

Option to display contact form on maintenance page.
After all the options are complete, your maintenance page will look like this

The image above is to use the Default theme, you can optionally select another theme in the General Setting options.

Free plugins support the Maintenance page

Not only does the plugin do this, but it can also be used as a theme. Here are some themes that make maintenance / under construction quite beautiful.

My Blue Construction






WP BluePrint


Friday, December 22, 2017


Today I just unknowingly plugged in a very good or serve for the security of WordPress through the security of the admin account to avoid being looked by the spyware. This way you can log into WordPress quickly without having to type the account directly because many spyware can save the information you type. What I want to introduce to everyone is the smart screen scanning technology available on the smartphone using the Clef tool that you can use on the phone using Android or iOS.
I have tested on the phone as Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia L, Samsung Galaxy 4, it works very well on Android. The iPhone 5 on iOS also works very well. But Android is a camera that is incredibly sensitive.


I really do not know much about the phone so do not know how to express it. But the way Clef works is similar to bar code scanning. That is, instead of entering a username and password, just turn on the Clef app on your phone and drag the camera to the screen so it scans your data, and you are automatically logged in to the website right away. When you want to logout, you can logout on your phone anywhere, as long as there is Internet.
The advantage of Clef is that it scans fairly intelligently, that is, even if your phone camera has a throbbing to where it is still able to identify immediately, even without the camera close to the screen but just surf the first. ok well.
In addition to using with WordPress, Clef can also be used in many other websites.


The first benefit when you use this unique feature is that you can automatically login to all your WordPress web sites if you share an email identical to your Clef account email.
Each time you log in, it will automatically generate a key called RSA-key to use for that login and it only takes you to log in at the phone. That means there will not be any passwords stored on your server and Clef's server so you can not be hacked or decrypted. Comprehensive security?


Note: Does not work on localhost.
First you need to download the Clef application to your phone.
Download Clef for Android.
Download Clef for iOS.
Then you open the application will see the Welcome screen like this.

You move the slide until the account creation step, you enter the name and email like this and press the create account button.
Note: The email you enter must match your email address in your WordPress account at your site.

Then it will ask you to create a 4-pin battery. You enter the pin code to create and remember it nhe because you will need to enter the battery when logged in.

After you finish creating the battery, you open the mail and confirm the subscription that they sent to you by mail.

Then go back to the phone and press the Confirmed button.

Okay, now your clef is ready to use. But in order for it to work, we need to install it in WordPress.
Back in WordPress, you install a plugin called Clef. After installation and activation, go to Settings -> Clef and see the following:

Click the Confirm button so that it proceeds to create the App ID and Secret Key for your website. At this point it will log out and you will see the login screen appear Add Login button in your phone. Congratulations, your site has successfully installed Clef.


To login, click Login in your phone. At this point it will show the jump up and down instructions and scan.

Now open the Clef app on your phone and enter your PIN if required. Then you pull the phone screen to the jump position and jump it down (it holds 2, 3 seconds).

If you use it for the first time, it will appear on the board requesting authorization for your Clef account, just press OK is finished. Normally, it will be included in the admin page.
You can then turn the app off of your phone without pressing Logout Now, which will force you to log in again. Normally about 1 hour it will make you login once if you login (you can increase this time). If you do not press Logout on your phone then when you logout on WordPress, you can log in again with this feature without re-scanning the code.
If you still have security issues as you can login to the account as usual, you go to Settings -> Clef and tick Disable password login for Clef users. So, hackers have to scans the password to 10 years later also do not login to the admin page. But against the use of the site has many members log on offline because not everyone uses Android or iOS .
In addition to Clef, there is another similar technology called LaunchKey, you can try.

Hopefully with this technology, you will be more assured with the security of your website. Currently my blog has many author should not use this feature. But I have contacted them and added the ability to select the group members to use is good, then just take the Admin to use only.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

more than 2/3 of potential customers fill out their shopping carts and give up, for retailers, this is equivalent to huge losses. Finding a potential customer is very difficult, so forgetting your shopping cart is a pity, so it is considered a very serious business issue.
So what is the method to rescue this situation?
Online retailers, businesses that want to grow profits need to invest in reporting forgotten shopping carts for customers. Last year, Mike Arsenault launched a research study on KISSmetrics that found that the camera maker made about 12 percent of the carts that were neglected by consumers by simply reminding customers to forget the shopping cart on facebook. You see it only by reminding customers who have forgotten the ftreen facebook shopping cart that Peak Design has been able to regain the loss of consumers and increase sales.
Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

Although most shop owners assume that potential customers abandon their shopping carts because they are not ready to buy anything or do not make a purchase because of a technical error. Mr. Dan Wang of shopify explained "You have to understand that customers abandon their shopping carts without attempting to do so, such as when the website is down, because the process is complex or the site has run out of time”.
Therefore, retailers who want to increase sales should consider the system to remind customers to forget their shopping carts on facebook so that they can regain old customers.

What is the solution to this problem?

My advice is to invest in a system that reminds your customers to forget your shopping cart on facebook, to convince customers back, you should actively seek customer information on facebook.
Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

I'm using the CartBack plugin - WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Ninjateam to do this, and I find it extremely efficient.
First this plugin sends the customer forgot the shopping cart a reminder message, then this plugin helps you send private messages to your inbox on facebook, talk to customers, bring reminders to check for forgotten items, and finally sell.
facebook messenger has been growing potential in these years, over 1 billion messenger users every day, send messages through facebook messenger a lot, reach the open rate up to 80%.
After the customer leaves your site, the plugin will automatically send a message to them, the message prompts them to remind them exactly what they saw, remind them of their affection for your product, it's like retargeting, but more natural and closer.
Ninjateam developers have quietly included the Analytics feature in this plugin to help you accurately gauge the metrics it gives you.
In this analytics section you will see the number of users added to the cart and the number of messages sent, it also shows users who add to your cart, including name, locale, gender, date, and so on.
Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

Using this plugin is also very simple, after you install the plugin, the "send to messenger" checkbox will appear in your product under the add to cart button. A check box will appear with your customer name in case he is logged in to facebook.
When clicking add to cart, he will automatically opt in to facebook messages from his profile, your facebook page sends him 2 notifications if he does not check, You can still set the time for both reminders, and any time after that can send him more messages, such as sending him a good offer, introducing new products for him.

Last words

Do not ignore customers who have forgotten their shopping cart, customers who have previously visited your website and left their carts finally able to turn over your competitors to meet their needs. If there are no reminders for your customers to return to your website they can finish the purchase elsewhere, By investing in reminders of customers forgetting their shopping carts, you remind buyers to continue their shopping experience and ultimately place orders where you are, rather than your competitors.
The good news is that Christmas and New Year Ninja team has launched a very attractive promotions for customers
The good news is that Christmas and New Year Ninja team has launched a very attractive promotions for customers

Finally, wish you a happy Christmas together with your family and celebrate the New Year.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Do you want more people to interact with your posts on facebook? Do you want to improve your business on facebook? increase facebook interaction means increasing the likelihood of having more people know you, increasing your bottom line with the lowest possible advertising cost.
In this article, we will go together to explore 10 ways can help you increase interactivity on facebook.

Okay let’s begin.

10 ways increase facebook interaction

create viral post on facebook by facebook spiderlink

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

This is the easiest way to make sure everyone can. Just use facebook spiderlink you have been able to make your articles on facebook are reach to many people without advertising.
Increase facebook interaction does not require copywriting skills, no need to spend a lot of money on the ad, a totally natural approach and most importantly, make sure you increase sales when using facebook spiderlink.

Create a shareable content

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Shareable content is one of the most common ways to increase facebook interactions.
If you want more people to share your facebook post, you need to create content that is highly shared ."Highly Shareable" is content related to your audience that forces them to share your article.
Content can be a hot news, education, fun, entertainment or something that is often not seen elsewhere. These are the types of content that often stimulate the reader's curiosity and motivate them to share.
For example, having a video from the techchnica is a simple video that teaches you how to do with butter, and this video has received over 6,800 share.

including the call to action

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Similar to when you want to create a content sharing, the important thing is to get people involved, include something as simple as a share invitation post.
For example, on the anniversary of the Rainbow Bridge, Woof has created an action, urging people to call on people to share the image of their pet. Eye-catching video postings have seen over 7 million views, 19,000 comments, and 208,000 shared views.

combination of content types

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

There’s a window of opportunity right now with the Facebook news feed algorithm, since not nearly enough businesses are doing video.
If you put a higher ratio of video in your content mix (three times a week), it will increase the visibility and engagement of your page substantially. Mix in other content types and you have a recipe for success.
The Betty Rocker is a nutrition and fitness expert who has a wonderful mix of content types. From recipes and checklists to inspirational pics and fitness videos, there’s always something interesting on her page.

Use facebook live regularly

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

One way to incorporate more video is to use facebook live regularly on your site. Starting with a live broadcast a week, have the idea to have time to plan the broadcast to get the highest effect. ted yoder performs live concerts on facebook from his backyard, Ted announced his concert start time for his audience. His videos are very popular. He has increased the facebook interaction quite well, he has more than 75 million views on facebook people.

Design Video for Viewing With the Sound Off

To increase facebook interaction make your video easy to understand or have audio, although facebook has the feature to automatically play audio for video, You should still design your video to watch along with audio clutter whenever possible, Because the user wants to have control over the mute button.
Also, you should add subtitles to your video that will also increase interactivity.
For example, this is Tony Robbins' movie, which provides information to the audience, whether or not people have heard him.

try the article immediately

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Increase facebook interaction thanks to instant articles.
Instant messages load 10 times faster in the facebook mobile app than the regular mobile links. If you have not configured Facebook Instant Articles, you need to consider that.
Companies that use instant messaging include Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Washington Post, and others. For example, Mashable publishes some content via instant articles, like this one about upcoming LinkedIn changes.
Only after the article clicks will appear, the audience does not have to wait too long. Because viewers get instant gratification when they click on instant posts, they are more likely to read it and share it, which increases the interactivity on facebook for your article.

Change your posting time

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Do not get the commitment you want for your facebook post? Try publishing content outside of business hours, such as in the evening or on weekends. In addition, it is entirely possible to repurpose the content. Post content that has been shared on other networks and periodically republish your most popular Facebook posts. However, do not share previously posted posts; Republish it as a fresh article.
Be aware of the evergreen content you share. If you republish older content, be sure to read it in advance to ensure it remains relevant. In addition, while you can automatically publish links and blog posts using third-party tools, do not set and forget it.
Every now and then something can happen in the world or in your business and industry. Just be aware of what you are posting and when to make sure it stays relevant and does not interrupt the crisis.

keep track of other facebook pages

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Keeping track of the facebook page of other businesses in your industry and the facebook page of other domains is also a factor that helps you increase your facebook interaction.
To follow other pages, visit your facebook page for details on finding and setting pages to view. facebook will tell you what's popular on other pages, will also check that page regularly to solve your eye problems.

Undelete traffic from other sources

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Another way to increase interactivity for your posts is to send traffic to your facebook page from other social networks and your newsletter. Click your facebook timestamp to get the permalink, then use the short URL to create a shareable link.
Share will link posts on facebook, on twitter or another social network with the invitation to join the conversation, This will put some people using twitter follow your facebook that joins.

Last words

How many to increase facebook interaction, I still recommend using spiderlink facebook, because it is both convenient, easy to use and effective high even if you do not have copywriting skills.
Finally, wish you a happy Christmas together with your family and celebrate the New Year.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

Wordpress is a compact blog platform and is optimized to be as resource-less as possible, but that's the scenario if you are using wordpress blogs without adding any plugins or themes, also if you have installed some plugins that you like and use many themes with more complex details will make your blog more and more slow.
Temporarily put aside the hosting conversion option, you should apply some methods of speeding up wordpress to improve your blog speed. One of the simplest ways for wordpress is to use the built-in wordpress plugin to restrict manual refining. With dozens of plugins support accelerated, choosing a plugin according to the needs of each person is a process that takes a lot of time. So for the convenience of choosing the plugin for everyone I would like to list the best plugin to speed up wordpress blog, and my experience is that you only need a few of these 8 plugins.
Ok let’s begin

create for cache the page with WP super cache

If you want to improve the speed of your blog without using caching, then that is a little flawed. Caches will shorten the page load time by backing up a static content copy to the server, and when someone accesses it, it will be executed. As such, we will save the reuqest to the server via PHP executables and databases.
The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

A plugin that is always in the list is required in WordPress with its own WP Super Cache. With the advantages of easy to use, no need to configure many but still support a lot of necessary functions, I believe that this is always the best choice for those who do not know much about technology.
There is also a plugin that has the same functionality but is somewhat difficult to use that is W3 Total Cache. However, if you need a plugin with more functionality and more advanced configuration then this is a good choice.

Reduce Javascript load with jsDelivr WordPress CDN Plugin

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

This plug-in automatically transfers javascript (.js) files to external public servers to improve page load time and bandwidth, as it does not directly use the javascript files on your host. If you have not heard of the term CDN, see CDN - Content devilery network.
This plug-in is also integrated with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, my advice is whether the host is any less you do not forget to use this plugin.

Load Smart Image with BJ Lazyload

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

One of the "classic" reasons for making your blog so slow is to use too many images. Once you activate this plugin, the images in your blog will not load a single load but only load the image only when you need to view it (go to the image display area). If you still do not understand how this plugin works then you should look for LazyLoad demo.

Use Use Google Libraries to save bandwidth

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

Similar to the jsDevilery plugin, this plugin will help you to replace common javascript files on the host to use those files on Google's Javascript library to save bandwidth and reduce CPU load on the server.

Optimize images with Hammy

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

If you have ever visited a number of websites with images from the browser on mobile devices, how scary is that? Large images will cause the loading condition to slow down in mobile browsers because of the limited handling capacity of mobile devices. So we want to solve this problem, we have to reduce the size of the image down for each browser to be more appropriate with those devices, and that is the feature of this plugin.

Secure and Accelerate with CloudFlare

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

This service was mentioned in the article introducing CDN technology. In its true nature, this is a free service to enable CDN for your website to speed up your blog, while optimizing and protecting your blogs from the risk of attack and spam, which is great. Better yet, CloudFlare now offers free SSL for better website security.

Speed up blog performance with Plugin Performance Profile

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

If you do not know why your blog is slow then you can use this plugin for analysis. Detailed reports will show you which part of the blog occupies the most resources, from which you can optimize for each section to reduce the burden on the server.

Use Async Social Sharing to insert optimized social buttons

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

Do you insert social media posts into your blog? So what do you realize from those sharing buttons? There is nothing else but a slower blog to load more Javascript files with it. Then use this plugin right now, Async Social Sharing will download the javascript file after all the content on the blog has been loaded. Why download these buttons eventually? Because the content on your blog is more important, people just click the Like button or +1 only when your content is really good, so the reason must be to javascript files of these buttons load at the same time. with your content?

Optimize PageSpeed with Speed Booster Pack

The plugin to increase the most popular blog of wordpress

Install and activate without any tweaks to get a higher Google PageSpeed rating, why not? Suitable for those who prefer to pursue the Google Pagespeed index points themselves do not use.

Last words

Mery christmas and happy new year