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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How to increase revenue from reminding customers to forget the shopping cart on your website (part1)

If asked, most shop owners say that potential customers leave their shopping carts because they are not ready to buy, many people do not buy because of technical errors. But when psychologists shoppers explain “You have to understand that customers often abandon their shopping carts without the intention of doing so, for example, if you are buying a website that is faulty, or if the purchase process is too complicated or your website has run out of time ... Businesses that want to remarket to their customers have reached the payment stage, so check out these tips to leverage the plugin to remind customers to forget your shopping cart to boost sales.

Use cartback to remind your customers forget their cart

Using the cartback method is the most effective and optimal way to remind customers to forget their shopping cart, it will send the message to the customer's personal email box on their facebook to inform them that they have forgotten the shopping cart on your website.
So you can increase your revenue as if it were lost from those customers, in addition, it is a tool you can remarketing for many people who visit your website.

find the necessary contact information

To convince shoppers to return, online retailers must actively seek customers on facebook, many times, during the shopping process, retailers should remind visitors to share their facebook IP address.
Three ways can collect contact information:
Offer discounts, promotions, or other special deals. Make it interesting for your customers to share and share their facebook information with you.
Become a member of your store. With your store account, give customers special access to different areas of your website, experts have encouraged customers who have signed up from their IP address to log in to that account every time they purchase.
Include non-committed guest payments. Ask your customer for their full name, mailing address, and order confirmation, once you know the information of your customers, you will have many opportunities to be able to remarket them.

The perfect IP forgotten shopping cart

Retailers are most successful because they turn solutions that remind customers into science and apply it, to imitate their success, your store should prioritize the collection of customer information through facebook and use the cartback to remind customers who forget the shopping cart on your website. And in the plugin reminder CartCache CartBack will also have analytics so you can track the number of messages sent, the number of carts left, the number of carts sold again.
and below are the 16 extremely important elements to be able to analyze an abandoned shopping cart.
emphasize the subject line: The message of the seller is often overlooked surprise, the surprise can prevent the recipient to open the mail, avoid the message remind customers forget the shopping cart ignored bnaj message must have clear message headline and press Strong on reminding your customers.
Descriptive text.
Focus on the customer.
Create fun highlights for messages reminding customers to forget the shopping cart, avoid causing boring customers.
Customer's shopping cart, including a direct link to the shopping cart that the customer has forgotten and has streamlined the payment process for guests. Tell the buyer that you are holding their item for a limited time to encourage them to make a quick decision.
Sometimes the last minute discount, push the price sensitive customer to activate now with an exclusive promotion to help them complete the purchase.
Suggest related items.
Smart Call to Action (CTA).
Triggers based on time. Send your first email within a few hours after a shopper has abandoned her shopping cart.
Leave your refund policy. Sometimes, shoppers hesitate when making purchases because they worry that they can not undo the purchase or return the product they are not satisfied with. Make your return policy clear to lessen their concerns and provide customers with peace of mind.
Target customer reviews.
Retailer contact information.
Opt-out link.
(to be continue)

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