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Friday, August 18, 2017

Install wordpress multisite

After learning about and know what wordpress multisite is install wordpress is very simple you just need to take two steps to install wordpress multisite in this tutorial I will guide you to work on a parent website with domain name hatachi.com of course you can choose any domain name as long as it is pre-installed wordpress.
If you are in the process of learning you should install wordpress multisite in a new website to avoid affecting the main website if the installation fails.

Enable wordpress multisite

Now you open the wp-config.php file of the parent site to enable wordpress multisite and insert the following code below <?php.

define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

Then at the wordpress admin page find the item Tools -> Network setup to start the installation.

But before proceeding with the installation we have to determine, we will use wordpress multisite anyway. There are currently two types

Subdomain: Child websites will have the address format subdomain of the parent website. Example: wordpress.hatachi.com, theme.hatachi.com, plugins.hatachi.com…on so on. And if you use this type you will need to set up a DNS wildcard as instructed below.

Sub-directory: Child websites will have addresses  the same format as the subfolder. Example: hatachi.com/wordpress, hatachi.com/theme, hatachi.com/plugins….on so on

In the Network Details section, enter the name and email address of the highest administrator.
Then press the install button to start the installation it will move you to the next page and start inserting the code into the file as instructed.  Specifically, insert the above code into the <? Php in wp-config.php and the code behind is to replace the existing code in .htaccess (if you use a Shared Host or Apache Webserver)

If tou use NGIGX

If you want to use NGINX as a webserver with PHP-FPM, we encourage you to use EasyEngine and install WordPress website with Multisite feature available on order:

ee site create domain.com --wpsubdom # use subdomain for subsite
ee site create domain.com --wpsubdir # use subdirectory for subsite
After inserting the code as required  you click log in to login. And now you will see on the admin menu there is my site to access the subsite

So we have finished installing WordPress Multisite.


If you use the subdomain subdomain path, you must set the DNS wildcard by adding a record to DNS as follows:
* IN A


In this section you have successfully activated the WordPress Multisite feature, the only remaining is the creation of sub-sites, administration and optimization for it. These sections will be covered in the next article.

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