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Thursday, October 19, 2017



According to initial tests, facebook claims that online business has increased by 180% when users choose to receive push notifications.
What is the secret of success ? NOTIFLY - FACEBOOK PUSHNOTIFICATION? All the answers to those questions will be in this article. Are you ready to unlock the secret to building a HUGE contact list and get an expanded rate of over 90% each time you send them a message?

notifly-facebook push notification is great

ah, one more thing, before we start i want you to ask yourself a question.
What is the first thing you do when you log into Facebook?

Well if you’re like 90% of the people in the world you see that little red notification number and you click it. You see Facebook has trained people to click to view their notifications, they do it without even thinking! So regardless of what the message is, most people will click on it and the opportunity for them to see your product information will be greater.
With Notifly-Facebook Push Notifications you can take advantage of the data by sending a notification in facebook, with all the information you collect about your customers on Facebook and your customers visiting on the web like Full Name, Gender, Profile Picture, Language, Email, Phone Number .... you can Create dynamic segments and customize your push campaigns.
In addition, you can also send personalized ads to increase your sales, once push notifications are clicked, you can submit any URL directly to your site (or outside your domain) based on their interests or actions on your website.
To be able to say, the author has thoroughly studied the behavior of facebook users and perhaps that is the reason why they build notifly to work this way.
Further with notifly you have the ability:
Create your brand with professional metadata articles.
Be the first to adopt new facebook tips.
Spread your fanpage in a more effective way.
Build viral links along with viral posts.
Increase organic commitment.
Target people who are hyperactive without PPC.
Raise your awareness of your business in the minds of your customers.
Send people on the desktop any URL you want.
Increase your cost of sales and affiliate commissions.
And you can go beyond the limits if you want, Get higher opt-in rates, Expand your marketing list, Reinvigorate your subscribers, Reuse old customers….much more.

 how to use notifly-facebook push notification

Using Notifly-Facebook Push Notification to bring the highest efficiency in practice is also very simple.
Your campaign criteria: When a new user registers on your website, app, or game, the message is Welcome [firstname] to the Octobot App. Click here to claim your $ 10 credit ...
Criteria for your campaign: If the user does not log in to your website, your game app for X time, the message will be we remember you [first_name] check out this awesome 100 deals. your location, click here ...
Criteria for your campaign: When the user reaches a certain level in the game, the message content will be the [first_name] you have reached level 7. This is your next mission.
Your campaign criteria: 2 days before your user account / payment plan expires, the notification content will be [first_name] of your account that is about to expire in 2 days. Do not say we did not warn you, click ...
Your campaign criteria: When the user's credit / credit has expired, the message will be Opps [first_name] counting just the one you lost clicking here to claim your $ 10 in credit. Its
Criteria for your campaign: When your ecommerce website users add products to your shopping cart but do not buy, the message content will be [first_name]. The products you add to your cart will expire soon. Do not let this happen, click here.
Your campaign criteria: when a user reaches your landing page, leaves and abandons your site without buying. Will the content of the message be [first_name] woah already something your way? Click to pay and complete your order.
Criteria for your campaign: When the support team replies to a user's ticket. the message content will be [first_name] you have received a reply to your support ticket, click here ...
I also research Notifly-Facebook Push Notification and also read quite a lot of comments of people asking about notifly plugins.

 And there are some pretty interesting questions and maybe those questions will help you.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I can use notifly if I have never touched any facebook app?
 A: Sure! You don’t have to read through Facebook for developers Docs. Notifly is ready made for you to setup and send the first notification in only 5 minutes.
Q: Does notifly there are any terms of service of facebook?
A: This is a feature of facebook. They allow apps and games on the web to send notifications to their audience. It works because that's how facebook wants it to work.
Q: Can smartphone users jump to the URL I specify?
A: This notification feature was initially built for Facebook web games, that’s why it’s not redirecting on mobile devices at the moment. This policy might be changed in the future.
Q: Can users on mobile click the button to subscribe?
A: Sure thing! The button Click-to-Subscribe works on all mobile devices, desktop and laptop. It maximizes your chance to collect your customers’ contacts via subscription.
Q: How to track how many people has read or clicked the notification?
A: Notification History shows Sent & Seen report of every notification campaign you set. You also can track clicks using shortened link as landing URL.
Q: Can I have user personal information other than their Facebook profile?
A: Yes, you can! Apart from basic information (Full name, Gender, Profile picture, Locale…) you also collect their EMAIL. All of these data are shown in Subscriber List!
Q: Is Notifly compatible with all browsers?
A: Yes. Get Notified buttons, Facebook notifications at bottom left toast and in notification drop-down tray shows on ALL laptop and desktop browsers.
Q: How can I make sure if Notifly will not make my audience upset?
A: Personalize your messaging by including your customer’s details. Use relevant emoticons for more friendliness. And treat them the way you want to be treated.
Q: Is Notifly a good choice if my fan page doesn’t have regular engagements?
A: Notifly is ideal for all fan pages, including newly-set and long-lasting. Why? Unlike Messenger Auto-Reply, Notifly triggers clicks from your website first and then generates Facebook leads for your business.
Q: Can I apply my affiliate links to the landing URL?
A: Of course! You can put ANY URL in Notifly. Very effective to send your audience to any site in just a click, and track which campaign delivers the most customers.
Q: Is Notifly really gonna reduce my ads cost?
A: You can retarget your customers via Notifly unlimitedly! And you don’t have to spend any money! The campaign results depend on how good you are at clickbait headlines.
Q: What if I can’t get it working?
A: That’s the last thing you need to worry about. Just drop a line at m.me/ninjateam.org or the chat box below, and you’ll see responses from our supporters on live chat 24/7.
You see that Notifly-Facebook Push Notification is a great plugins right, do you have any idea about this plugins?

NOTE: Because Notifly-Facebook Push Notification is a commercial plugin that does not have a demo or trial version, so if you want to use this plugin you have to buy it.

You can purchase Notifly-Facebook Push Notification here:

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