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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

You probably already know the use of facebook messenger auto-reply then right,  facebook auto-reply gives you strength to be able to satisfy customers, do not force them to wait, increase sales turnover. can say facebook messenger auto-reply is one of the divine plugin for business.
If you still have questions about facebook auto-reply then you can learn more here.
Today I will be with you to install and explore this plugin.

Buy facebook messenger auto-reply

Before we proceed to install facebook messenger auto-reply I need to say in advance to you a problem.
Because facebook auto-reply is a commercial plugin, there is no free or trial version.
If you want to install and use facebook messenger auto-reply you have to buy it on codecanyon.
You can buy facebook messenger auto-reply plugin here.

Way 1

First you click on the letter here to direct you where you can buy facebook messenger auto-reply, Here you will see this plugin and the next is the word buy now, click buy now to buy facebook auto-reply.
Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

way 2

First go to ccodecanyon.net and type ninjateam at the search
Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Then you will be redirected to another page, Here you find facebook messenger auto-reply by clicking down, facebook auto-reply it is located just below notifly-facebook push notification.
Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Now that you have seen the facebook messenger auto-reply, click on it, Now you see a familiar image, and your job now is just to click the buy now button to buy the plugin.
Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

After clicking on by now you follow some instructions to pay and after the payment is completed the plugin will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Install facebook messenger auto-reply

Now that we have facebook messenger auto-reply together we proceed to install it only.
To install it first go to the dashboard of your website, navigate to plugins and then click on it, and find the word add new click on next.
where you click on the plugin plugins and then select the folder facebook messenger auto-reply you buy new

Then you will be redirected to another page, where you click on the plugin  and then select the folder facebook messenger auto-reply you buy new. Finally click the install now button to complete the installation of facebook auto-reply.
where you click on the plugin plugins and then select the folder facebook messenger auto-reply you buy new

you have completed plugin install this so that.

Customize facebook messenger auto-reply

You have successfully installed facebook messenger auto-reply, but to use it most effectively you have to customize some items. The customizable facebook messenger auto-reply is so simple you just need to be able to cutomize it yourself, so I just give you some pictures for you to preview.

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

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Notifly-facebook push notification.

Monday, October 30, 2017

17 most used plugins 2017

22 most used plugins 2017

can you do wordpress without the plugin? My answer is probably not because the plugin is also considered the power, is the soul for a wordpress website, they bring important functions to your wordpress website. In fact plugins are attractive for wordpress,  giant container of wordpress make this platform plentiful in the true sense.
After you decide to create a website on wordpress platform, make sure you choose a good quality wordpress hosting provider that offers you the option and install WP easily once wordpress is set up on your website, choose the right plugin and match your requirements for quality and functionality.
And in this article I will recommend to you 17 plugins which many wordpress users use most . Now let's see the most used plugins 2017, Check that you are using or searching for any of these plugins.

The most used plugins in 2017

Seo by yoast

22 most used plugins 2017

One of the most popular and widely used plugins Seo By Yoast brings all the relevant seo related and important to your wordpress website. I really like the SEO feature on my wordpress website with this plugin it's extremely useful with any wordpress user, as it gives you a glimpse of how well your blog posts are optimized for SEO. In addition, it creates an XML sitemap for your website without using a plugin with similar functionality to do so.

Facebook messneger for wordpress

22 most used plugins 2017

facebook messenger for wordpress is an indispensable plugin for any website and I recommend you have this plugin even if your website is active in any field. Especially the business website because this is a plugin that helps you connect with other people.
facebook messenger for wordpress is the best and free plugin to help you chat live with others. I'm using this plugin for all the websites that I have and are managing, must say it is very good, I really like it.

W3 Total Cache

22 most used plugins 2017

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular cahing plugin for wordpress, I have used this plugin for almost every website I have and it makes the difference in the time of each website This plugin provides some options for optimizing your website, and if it is configured correctly you can see the difference in its performance.
Those newbie users will find there a bit complicated when installed, however, there are some great tutorials on how to set up W3 Total Cache.


22 most used plugins 2017

Jetpack is a great collection of features for speeding up your website with some extremely useful functions.
Jetpack is a combination of many plugins in one Starting from site security, optimizing a user's commitment offers important features for you.

Facebook live chat for wordpress

22 most used plugins 2017

Facebook live Chat for wordpress is a WordPress plugin that lets you place your Facebook dialog on your website, where visitors can chat with you via Facebook Messenger. This is an easy way to support, keep in touch with your customers and turn your visitors into customers, chat with them anytime to increase sales.
If all of my website systems do not use facebook messengerfor wordpress then I would definitely choose facebook live chat for wordpress for use on all website systems that I manage.


22 most used plugins 2017

Monarch from ElegantThemes là một trong những plugin xã hội tốt nhất cho WordPress. This plugin gives you completely modern customizations to display the social networking button on your website and increase the number of posts will increase your posts significantly.
This is one of the most comprehensive social networking plugins that give you many options on the design and location of shared buttons.
This plugin will bring intriguing nodes where you can put the strategy to increase the number of social sharing that will get you traffic from social sites and get better rankings for the Post your blog in search engines like Google because they use social signals as one of the ranking factors.

Google XML Sitemaps

22 most used plugins 2017

Google XML Sitemaps make it much easier for search engines to crawl your pages and postings to your wordpress site.  Google XML Sitemaps supports all types of pages created by WP and custom URL

iThemes Security

22 most used plugins 2017

Your website security is of immense importance, I advise you never to ignore that, iThemes Security is one of the most effective plugin in protecting and setting up your wordpress website, It gives you more than 30 ways to protect your wordpress.


22 most used plugins 2017

is a very important plugin for any website, This is a powerful WP database cleanup tool, and is a site optimization tool, it does not require phpmyadmin to clean and optimize your database tables.
Clean up all unnecessary elements like automatic drafts, old and unacceptable comments, and all other stuff is taking up the database without adding any value to your site.
This plugin is very easy to use, you can remove all the unnecessary stuff that is taking up the database, and clean up all your databases with just one button.

Contact Form 7

22 most used plugins 2017

contact form 7 multi-step is an important and sure thing to have your wordpress website, contact from 7 multi-step plugin is very easy to use and gives you all the important features you need on your contact page.

Facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin

22 most used plugins 2017

Are you looking for the best solution to attract more views, likes, sharing, and comments?  You do not believe facebook spiderlink can help you do that. Essentially this plugin will help you make your facebook post viral.  This means that when you post an article on your website and share your article on your facebook. facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin will do its job is to help you attract more like, share, commetn, view and reach many people, a lot people. Have you seen it yet?
confess to everyone is I'm also using facebook spiderlinkwordpreess plugin for my managed sites to attract traffic to my site.

WP Smush.it

22 most used plugins 2017

The thing that really matters to any website is the optimization of the image file to help speed up the site, And it's handmade for every image so it can be a real task. WP Smush.it is a plugin that can rescue you because it automatically runs images through the background optimization process.


22 most used plugins 2017

Bloom email opt in plugin is one of the best mailing list busing plugins for WordPress, and it offers tons of design options and templates.
It comes with over 100 email subscriptions ready for you to use on your site, or you can customize them according to your needs. Not only that but bloom also gives you some options to place samples, You can display a fascinating snapshot search popup that you can activate depending on many factors.

BJ Lazy Loadb

22 most used plugins 2017

BJ Lazy Load will make your site load faster and save bandwidth by making images load lazy. Uses jQuery and degrade gracefully for non-js users. It automatically serves scaled down images in responsive designs.

Broken Link Checker

22 most used plugins 2017

Broken links can negatively impact your website as SEO is most affected, this is the best wordpress plugin to check broken links on your website, so you can fix those errors, SEO units may charge you hundreds of dollars to fix issues related to SEO, like looking for broken links and fixing them. But here is a free plugin that will do the job for you.

My WP Backup Pro

22 most used plugins 2017

My WP Backup Pro is a very strong backup plugin for WordPress which is created by MyThemeShop; I am a huge fan of the MyThemeShop products be it the themes or the plugin. In all their products, they bring in a user-friendly interface so that even a complete newbie can make the best use of it and they maintain a high standard regarding quality.
This backup plugin will help you to keep your WordPress blog safe in any circumstances. This WordPress backup plugin offers you all the features which you may expect in a high-quality backup plugin.
With this plugin, you can schedule automated backup of your WordPress site data and files to any email of your choice; you can also take the backup manually if you want to. The restoration process is also quick and easy.
With My WP Backup Pro plugin, you can backup your site to any FTP, backup to email, backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, you can also backup your site to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier as per your requirement, with this plugin you will never fall short of options.
You have some amazing paid alternatives like Vaultpress and BackupBuddy which will offer you quality service for backing up your WordPress site.

WordPress Subscribe Pro

22 most used plugins 2017

An email plugin plugins that one of the required wordpress plugins have to spend on any site your email list can be a great source of data for your upcoming plans. WordPress Subscription Pro is a great pluginsn inexpensive as other similar plugins, and it offers you several options to optimize your registration form. I am using this plugin for HATACHI NARA and it is working great, this plugin gives you some options related to the location of the email subscription widget. You can also set a complete custom popup to capture your users' email, which you can still control for the full duration of the activation.

WP Notification Bar Pro

22 most used plugins 2017

I always promote this plugin wherever possible because I believe this as one of the most useful plugins for WordPress, and we use this plugin in SourceWP to showcase special offers whenever we have any.
A notification bar plugin is very important for any WordPress blog or even the business site because a nicely designed notification bar is the best way to capture the attention of your visitors. A quality notification bar plugin like this can do a lot more than just capturing the attention.
With this bar plugin you can create text link, button link, countdown to show any special offer and the timing of the offer, you can use this plugin to show the social share and follow links to encourage your users to follow your site, you can also use this bar plugin as an opt-in email form.
The plugin is extremely easy to use, once you activate it; you will get the option to set up the bar in the WordPress admin called notification bar. It works like a custom post type; you can set all the details of your bar and choose the type of bar from a variety of options such as text, button, email subscription, countdown timer, social media button, popup video, search form and a lot more.

Friday, October 27, 2017

WooComposer - Page Builder for WooCommerce

WooComposer - Page Builder for WooCommerce

Have you ever had the time and sweat and even spent a lot of money to build a sales website? We must have at least once encountered this problem.
Because the website is considered as a shop on the internet, if the shop is not decorated beautifully, not eye-catching, no one will buy your goods.
So when do you think, is there any way to do the construction of a sales page quickly and conveniently?
The answer is yes, and it's woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce.
So woocomposer has something that can do that, let's go exploring together.

function of woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce

WooComposer - Page Builder for WooCommerce

Its name has shown the function of the woocomposer,  woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce is the fastest way to be able to create a sales page, from the product details page to the thank-you page on woocommerce.
 With woocomposer you can comfortably build sales website with easy woocommerce layout the way you are doing with visua composer. You can create, edit, delete, copy categories with just one click.
Also woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce also gives you more possibilities when using it.
Woocomposer can help you:
List building:  List your website's categories in the most organized and intuitive order.
Product details page builder: Display any product page in the correct order and details.
create a shopping cart:  Keep your cart page in the most reasonable and satisfying condition.
my account page builder:  With woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce you can create "my account page" with simple and modern UI / UX.
check-out page buil: You no longer have trouble with custom code for any test page.
Order received builder: If you want your website to make a statement about your brand, be sure to arrange the fields and details in order. 
Test more carefully and give this site a high art, These are some things that impress your buyers.

woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce is more than that

WooComposer - Page Builder for WooCommerce

woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce provides an intuitive content editor without sacrificing functionality.
have more templates for you choose, it will be a idea good sense for you, Just pick a template and add some modifiers.
rearrange rows, move widgets, resize columns and build your page, all with one click. The woocomposer makes it easy to move everything in place, no matter how often you have ideas and changes. The author has properly built the layout of the woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce and every interaction to ensure that all users feel natural..  
In short, woocomposer creates e-commerce sites that users and search engines will love.

It seems the author is very understanding you, they know you have to regularly customize the woocommerce tool in your website to be able to fit your functional position. and sometimes you have to customize more for specific projects or advertising campaigns. That's probably why, ninjateam created woocomposer page builder for woocommerce. to bring you a larger experience without leaving the inconvenience of visua composer.
WooComposer - Page Builder for WooCommerce

In short, using woocomposer creates ecommerce websites just drag and drop, just a few mouse clicks.

 By woocomposer-by your time.

woocomposer-page builder for woocommerce is a commercial plugin so there will be no free version, so use it you can buy here:

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Thursday, October 26, 2017



In the previous article we learned how NOTIFLY - FACEBOOKPUSH NOTIFICATION can give you the power to succeed in selling. Notifly ability is extremely great so today i will guide you how to buy, install and customize notifly-facebook push notification.

buy and download notifly-facebook push notification

Notifly-facebook push notification is a commercial plugin so there will not be a free version, to be able to use facebbook notifly you have to buy it from ENVATO .
Or you can buy notifly-facebook push notification here (It's faster and does not take much step):
The first must go to codecanyon.net to be able to start looking facebook notifly. In the search box you type from ninjateam, or notifly-facebook push notification

and find the icon Notifl - Facebook Push Notification WordPress Plugin it's located under the Facebook SpiderLink plugins as shown below.

Then click notifly-facebook push notification, then you will be redirected to a new page, and this is where you can buy facebook notifly. Here you can buy notifly by clicking the word BUY NOW as shown below.

After you purchase notifly it will automatically download to your computer.
Now you have started to be able to set up facebook notifly okay, let's install it together.

Install Notifly-facebook push notification

First in the dashboard you will see the plugins section, you have to click on it, and after that it will move you to a new page, where you will see “ADD NEW” located next to the "plugins"

Now click "add new", after clicking "add new" you will see "upload plugin" near add plugins. This time you have to click on “upload plugins”.

Then navigate to the notifly-facebook push notification file and click install now, as shown below.

So you have finished installing facebook notifly plugins. But to use it most effectively you have to customize it to suit your business

Customize Notiflu-faceook push notification

We have completed the notifly- facebook push notication installation and need to do some customization steps to get the tag used.
In the dashboard you will see the notifly item that has the ninjateam icon.

Clicking on it will bring up a list of the necessary items of notifly.
The subscribe list is where all of your customer information will be displayed. In this section it will tell you the customer's information including ID, First Name, Last Name, Pic Profile, Email, Gender ....
categories: here are small items
  • ·         name :The name is how it appears on your site.
  • ·         Slug: The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens.
  • ·         Parent Category: Assign a parent term to create a hierarchy. The term Jazz, for example, would be the parent of Bebop and Big Band.
  • ·         Description: The description is not prominent by default; however, some themes may show it. After filling in the information, you have to click on add new categories.

Links: You do not need to care about it.
Notification history: You do not need to care about it.
Settings: There are three main sections.
  • General
  • Auto notification
  • Mailchimp settings These custom items are very simple you can understand and can customize it yourself.

This is video demo of facebook notifly:

So that we have installed and customized that leak now just use it.
You got ready to open secret key to build a HUGE link list and receive extended rate of greater than 90% each when you sent for one one messages.
You can also integrate with facebook messenger auto-reply and facebook messenger bulksender to be able to increase the list of potential customers for you.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Essential theme

essential theme

Essential is a Response to a WordPress Theme page for freelancers, designers, photographers, painters, bloggers, digital studios or web agencies. It is based on the Bootstrap framework and HTML5 / CSS3 technologies with minimalist design, clean and elegant, fully responsive and customizable.
Essential is the perfect solution for any type of business, specially designated for creative freedom, smart companies or new and innovative companies.
Set up a quick and easy way to create a portfolio and display your works and services. themes are optimized for smartphones and tablets, It provides clear documentation and requires no coding knowledge.
This theme uses Parallax effects and animated content, so you can create a great website. Your projects will be great using this flexible and loose layout, tailored to every need.


Essential theme

A great visual experience for minimal creativity. This template is a WordPress Themes available and responsive to the retina grid layout. It is optimized for mobile touch and swipe.

Responsive & Retina Ready : Essential theme looks good on desktop, tablet PC and smartphone. It provides the ability to feel free on all screen sizes.

Performance Matters: Essential is an extremely fast theme.

Drag and drop page generator:  essential theme use # 1. Build any layout you can imagine with intuitive drag-and-drop, no programming knowledge required.

Powerful option: Modify your website with a few mouse clicks in the console and is extremely user friendly.

Setup Wizard: It only takes 2 minutes to get your website as eager as you want.

Optimize SEO: is the best tool for best you will be higher in the search google search.
update the theme automatically: you do not need a romosing time to update theme one way manual.

You can buy the essential theme here:

Function of essential theme

Bootstrap 3
Completely responsive
Cross Browser Compatibility
awesome structure code
extremely customizable
minimal, clean and elegant
Call to action option
drag and drop page generator
import test data
Animated content
Great fonts, Ionicons & Et-Line icons
High speed performance
contact form 7 compatible
Compatible with mailchimp for wordpress
Custom CSS
Install Menus
Blog page
Title Option
Optional foot
One Page Option
Parallax option
Blog options
Customized colors
Sidebar is customizable
The custom post type of the portfolio
Image encoder
The topmost part
Introduction section
Working team
Services Department
Portfolio section
Newsletter section
Client section
Contact section
Social Section
Subheading is ready
Ready to translate (WPML compatible)
Ready for widget

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Facebook Messenger Bulksender Breakthrough Sales For Business

Facebook messenger bulksender breakthrough Sales for Business

If you are using facebook as a marketing channel for your business you probably already use facebook messenger to chat with customers. Furthermore, you may have used or at least heard of a mailchimp plugin for marketing. Undeniably, they are extremely useful tools in marketing. So do you ever think facebook messenger and mailchimp can be combined?
The answer is yes, Is when Facebook Messenger and Mailchimp have a baby. Facebook Messenger Bulksender was born to amplify your most important asset: Customer Base and realify your dream: Ads with $ 0 !!!
Advertising $ 0, is not it great?

Messenger Bulksender is the Most Powerful Messenger Marketing Tactic in the Market

Facebook messenger bulksender breakthrough Sales for Business

Why do I dare to confirm facebook messenger bulksender is the most powerful war today?
Think about Mailchimp. How much do you spend each month when have you a customer base of thousands of contacts?
With facebook messenger bulksender you can advertise your content, products to thousands of customers for only $0. In addition, facebook bulksender also provides the ability to collect and store information of prospective customers to serve as a customer base for you later.
I have said facebook messenger bulksender is the child of facebook messenger and mailchimp but they are all different
With bulksender and mailchimp, you do not misunderstand facebook bulksender and mailchimp are two separate products, bulksender is a plugin while the mailchip is a saas, and with bulksender you do not have any subscription fees at all, and with mailchmp you have to spend a lot of money for every month.
with facebook bulksender and auto-reply messenger When someone messes your page, Messenger Bulksender keeps their contact in your database and allows you to send messages accordingly to all or part of them. When someone comments on your page / post, the auto responder will automatically send a message to them, make them happy and respond.
And what's more important to all bulksender becoming a full-fledged marketing campaign is not only can you advertise on your news feed, you can also place your ad in their ibox, and even better, you can send bulk messages to your customers with just one click.

facebook messenger bulksender efficiency because

Facebook messenger bulksender breakthrough Sales for Business

The facebook API displays the message but the marketers do not know how to leverage it, You might have heard already that Facebook custom audience are great but you don’t see the benefits just yet. Facebook only allows you to create custom audiences and allow targeted advertisers for this audience (they make you PAY even more!).
Now with Messenger Bulksender, you know a brand new way to exploit it with NO COST. Not just put your ads on their news feed, now you get it right to their INBOX! so WHY NOT ensure your visibility in the marketplace NOW!

facebook messenger bulk sender gives you power to

Facebook messenger bulksender breakthrough Sales for Business

Stand out from the crowds by putting your greetings, newsletters, promotions, etc. to your fans’ INBOX.
You only need to tailor your messages and leave the rest for Bulksender.
Sending bulk messages to your Facebook audience in a few click.
Reach your customers frequently WITHOUT monthly fee!
You can use facebook messenger bulksender to support many wordpress sites.

When using facebook bulksender you can combine it with messenger for wordpress and facebook spiderlink to be able to increase the message to your inbox, ie increase the number of your customers sending bulk messages.

Note:  This is a great tool to attract your fans. But that does not mean you should exploit it every day, because you know how annoying it is. Use it properly and accordingly to get the best results.

Because bulksender facebook messenger is a commercial plugin so there will be no demo.
To use this plugin you can buy it here:

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