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Monday, November 6, 2017



By default, when installing Woocommerce, you may find that the products have not very nice links, but if you want the product paths and product directory paths, the product keyword is better then we should. Enable static path for Woocommerce. In this article I will talk about how to install and some tips related to static path optimization.


To set this up, you have to go to Settings -> Static Routes.

Then, in the common installation you have to select the path structure calculated for WordPress before to activate the feature.

And in the optional section, you will see that there are additional sections for the product including:

·         Product category default: Means the base name on the path to product catalog pages. An example on the path to the list will be https://thachpham.com/danh-muc-san-pham/quan-jean/ then the name of the muc-san-pham is the name of the base for the category. For some reason, you should set it muc-san-pham or something other than muc-san-pham because it will get a 404 error if it is named.
·         Default product keyword: Same as above but for product keyword pages.
·         Default Product Attribute: Same as above but for archive pages for product attributes.
Note, you can not use accented Vietnamese. I will correct as follows to not error:

And below is the default static link of the product or in other words easier to understand the static path structure for the product page. Here you can choose the structure that you like but avoid selecting the structure with the Vietnamese mark as it will fail. For example, I want my path is https://thachpham.com/san-pham/quan-levis will set as follows:

Or if you want to link the product containing the product category name of the product then set as follows:


I write it so that it matches the translation but if it is correct to delete the base name for product paths and categories. Above you will see that each time you enter the path of the product list will have more / product-catalog/ on the path and for the product will have more / product /. If you want to delete those two, then install these two plugins.
First, install the Remove Taxonomy Base Slug and activate it. Then go to Extract Package -> Remove Taxonomy Base Slug and select product_cat and product_tag (press shift to select) and click Apply Changes.

Finally go to Settings -> Static Path press the Save button again so it flush permalink.
The next step is to remove the plugin from custom post type and activate it, then go to Settings -> Static Path and press the Save Changes button.

ADD .HTML for the product

When you install the plugin remove slug from the custom post type is in the plugin that has added support for suffix for the path. You go to Settings -> Custom post type and fill in the html.

Then go to Settings -> Static Path and press save button to change it to update. Now go back to the homepage and click on the product will see the product has .html in the tail already.


That is some of my experience in optimizing Woocommerce's paths, first of all giving it a nice boost and of course the second is for the path structure that it's SEO standards are all right. Wish you success.

note: Because today my site has problems so I can not edit the English language, so the image will have another language