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Saturday, July 29, 2017

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

Premium themes for woocommerce on wordpress always the products worth to invest money, because it will help you build an extremely professional sales page on wordpress source code.

Premium themes for woocommerce usually range from $ 40 to $ 60 per edition, and when you buy a version you can use it for many different sites.

Today HATACHI will introduce to you some themes beautiful for the woocommerce on wordpress, all these themes are easy to install by looking at the documentation or importing the demo data into a nice website as demo with one click.

Premiumo-WooCommerce Shopping Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

Premiumo has the interface of modern magento, so evaluation of HATACHI it is a theme for wordpress is very beautiful and professional, it may be suitable to sell any product from technology to fashion.

With Product Search feature based on product catalog make it easier for users to find content, this is also an important development in the user experience (UX).

It is extremely suitable for many stores have many product.

More interesting that the products will be dropped below will be in the sidebar in addition to home page with countdown timer, make it stand out for the products you want to attract viewers.

In addition, it integrates many additional features that are also essential for a website sales, like most favorite products, product zoom, product comparison.

Celine - Responsive Shopping WordPress Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

Celine is a great theme for fashion website wordpress, It supports many different types of display for you can set up  in a way that you want in your own style.

Although highly customizable, But the installation and use of Celine is quite simple You can customize each component even the smallest one easily in Celine's Theme Options.

Mandala - Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

Added a theme for fashion website.

There are 6 completely different display styles from header to footer of Mandala and donate some other famous paid plugins, this will help you to have an extremely fashionable sales site.

There is a unique display style. Although this is a poor color theme with just two main colors but it is a very prominent feature of this theme.

Not only does it display beautiful products and blogs, Mandala also has a professional portfolio display feature.

WooMarket - Supermarket  WordPress WooCommerce Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

Also the same as Premiumo Theme. Supermarket themes are often designed for displaying a variety of products on the store. And WooMarket theme is one of them, a glance, this theme tends to display content as the popular ecommerce site today, and functions are similar.

Woomarker supports up to seven different display modes, And maybe more because you can freely customize the display of products outside the home page the paid plug-ins are also included in the benefits of customizing the theme.

Aloxo - Responsive WooCommerce Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

Aloxo is seen as a color theme suitable for kids fashion theme. Although the display and main functions in the theme does not seem very different from the theme I have introduced above, but the interface is simple but colorful, airy and very easy to install can make the comedy. Crush the users.

MixStore - MultiShop WooCommerce Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

If you own many different sales pages  or do website design services for customers then you should be equipped with this theme because you can make many sales pages on many different genres from electronics, fashion, sports, to gifts, movie discs or a one-stop shop just one click away from entering the sample data available in the theme package, you have the most complete sales page.

Jewelery - WooCommerce Responsive Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

This theme has nothing to say much, As the name of the Jewelery theme, this is a simple Woocommerce theme, but with a luxurious interface suitable for the website introducing / trading jewelry.

Home Shop – Premium WooCommerce Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

A website selling electronics, technology it will be very suitable for a flat metro interface like home shop.
This particular theme has many options for you to customize, there are 8 different plugins for wordpress to enhance power it, And a feature that shows popup ads really attract.

Aurum - Minimalist Shopping Theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

Aurum is a modern theme, with up to 900 purchase only after a few months of launch, this theme is extremely simple design but the loading speed of aurum is extremely fast because the size of the website after accessing is quite light and does not have many polished functions.
Next comes the full WPML plugin integration to be a multi-language sales page, and there is support for RTL format languages, not only that Aurum has the ability to do different types of website sales each category has its own characteristics such as fashion, clock, computer, flower ...

Nielsen - The ultimate e-commerce theme

10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress

Nielsen is one of the themes of YiThemes which is famous for its heavy e-commerce themes Complex but equally attractive and powerful.

 Nielsen integrates with you 12 different display modes that you can use with just a few basic settings, Each type of display will correspond to a different sales category.

The option of this theme also includes the PDS file of the design so that it can be revised if it is designed. Or use it for another e-commerce project without any additional fees.

Last word

This is the theme for woocommerce themselves quite good for many products There are also free best wordpress themes for websites Just as good.
Depending on the financial conditions, you have the options that really fit your sales page

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