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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wordpress installation guide for newbie

In this article, HATACHI NARA will guide you to install wordpress in the fastest way including the most necessary installation steps.
I and you start together!

Prepare host and domain

Want to install wordpress, you first need to have a host and domain, These two are required to buy, if not you should try to find out if you want to install wordpress. As soon as you have a domain, you must point it to the host, so the preparation step.

How to install wordpress fastest

Usually in the cPanel X panel (the popular panel type when you buy a host), it has a built-in WordPress feature.

You have to log into cPanel then scroll down to find the Softaculous and Apps Installer and click on the wordpress icon.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
softaculous and apps installer

Then you press the install button at the top.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
the install button at the top.

Next, select the domain you want to install and set up.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
install and setup

After setting up your domain, you will have a domain name such as hatachi.com for example. And when people type in the domain name, your site will show up. And at the bottom you will see an item named In directory that you can enter anything in, but I advise you to leave that section blank.

In the Database Name field enter the name of the database you want it to automatically create, you should remember this database to avoid deleting the database in the MySQL Database management page in cPanel.

In the Database Setting section, leave it blank, ie keep wp_.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page you will be set parameters such as website name, description, email and administrator account. This is the sample I entered.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
site settings

Then you can click the install button to install and wait a few seconds, until this image appears like this.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
Notification of successful installation

In this it shows the website path and login path to the admin page.

Now i and you go to the administration page and log in with the information you created earlier.

Install the necessary settings for the wordpress site.

After installing wordpress you should install the necessary settings for the website to make the site work better.

To install the settings menu, select General.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie

Reset the time zone accordingly, reset the date.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie

Reset the time zone accordingly, reset the date.

When you set the date and time then you do not forget to save seve changes. Continue through the permalinks and structure as shown below.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie

Continue to select Media and Setup.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
Set up Media to save host capacity

Ok, the necessary steps are considered finished.

Install a new theme.

After installing the basic setup steps. If you are not interested in the theme that wordpress has, you can proceed to install other theme to fit your field.
For newbie you should read article 10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017 to choose a suitable theme that is free.

Install plugins for wordpress

A wordpress website will not stand out and powerful without the theme and plugins for wordpress support, so after you install theme you should install some plugins for your wordpress website.

Examples of plugins needed for wordpress like yoast SEO, contact form 7, plugins live chat,….,

Last words

Here comes almost what you need to do to have a wordpress site, you should find more plugins support for wordpress to boost the power of your wordpress site.

Do not forget to visit other WordPress related forums at HATACHI NARA for the best tips and experience using WordPress.

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