Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)

Do you feel your website needs a feature that allows members to talk to each other publicly like facebook messen for wordpress or facebook live chat for wordpress but are afraid of wasting resources for live chat features? Or chatting services, but it limits the number of chat sessions or the interface of the chat box is too bad.

If you are still concerned with that I would suggest you a live chat service named spot.im, with many divine features, unlimited support and the ability to create many different chat boxes that completely free.
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)
display Spot.im
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)

Features of spot.im

Also similar to other plugisn chat like facebook messenger for wordpress, spot.im has the following features
-There is no limit to the number of participants
-Unlimited chat limit
-Forum is not limited
-Report sound to
-There is a separate area for administrators
-Can send pictures when chatting
-Create a pine note
-Allows you to set your own logo
-It could be a color variation for the interface you like
-Allows you to create private discussion forums
-Sign up for quick registration through social channels
-As easy as plugins live chat for wordpress
You do not see it great, it's free but full of features as a paid plugins live chat
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)
box chat of spot.im

Start with spot.im

First you visit the https://www.spot.im website and register your account quickly, where you can sign in with various accounts such as facebook, google plus, twiter, linkedin and create a spot. It is very simple and fast and does not require much time and effort, You will see the Embed Code button below, you can put that code at the bottom of the footer.php file in the theme you are using or use the SpotIM plugin they provide and fill in your Spot ID (click on the button for WordPress User next to Embed Code button is see Spot ID) is complete.
So you have finished the installation and created a spot to chat then, now you can say the trip to the visitor outside the website then.
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)
Login with social network accounts
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)
seting spot

Unlike facebook live chat, facebook messenger for wordpress ... can only be used for wordpress. Spot.im is not just a wordpress service, it can be used on any website, as it is just an embedded javascript code on the web, hopefully it will grow in the future and there will be More but more unique features, now I am quite satisfied with it as a free service but full of features of a plugins live chat

For those who need professional and perfect (Used for wordpress website sales) you can read article 10 best live chat plugins you should have for wordpress for information. Surely it will bring you great experiences with customers.

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