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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

more than 2/3 of potential customers fill out their shopping carts and give up, for retailers, this is equivalent to huge losses. Finding a potential customer is very difficult, so forgetting your shopping cart is a pity, so it is considered a very serious business issue.
So what is the method to rescue this situation?
Online retailers, businesses that want to grow profits need to invest in reporting forgotten shopping carts for customers. Last year, Mike Arsenault launched a research study on KISSmetrics that found that the camera maker made about 12 percent of the carts that were neglected by consumers by simply reminding customers to forget the shopping cart on facebook. You see it only by reminding customers who have forgotten the ftreen facebook shopping cart that Peak Design has been able to regain the loss of consumers and increase sales.
Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

Although most shop owners assume that potential customers abandon their shopping carts because they are not ready to buy anything or do not make a purchase because of a technical error. Mr. Dan Wang of shopify explained "You have to understand that customers abandon their shopping carts without attempting to do so, such as when the website is down, because the process is complex or the site has run out of time”.
Therefore, retailers who want to increase sales should consider the system to remind customers to forget their shopping carts on facebook so that they can regain old customers.

What is the solution to this problem?

My advice is to invest in a system that reminds your customers to forget your shopping cart on facebook, to convince customers back, you should actively seek customer information on facebook.
Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

I'm using the CartBack plugin - WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Ninjateam to do this, and I find it extremely efficient.
First this plugin sends the customer forgot the shopping cart a reminder message, then this plugin helps you send private messages to your inbox on facebook, talk to customers, bring reminders to check for forgotten items, and finally sell.
facebook messenger has been growing potential in these years, over 1 billion messenger users every day, send messages through facebook messenger a lot, reach the open rate up to 80%.
After the customer leaves your site, the plugin will automatically send a message to them, the message prompts them to remind them exactly what they saw, remind them of their affection for your product, it's like retargeting, but more natural and closer.
Ninjateam developers have quietly included the Analytics feature in this plugin to help you accurately gauge the metrics it gives you.
In this analytics section you will see the number of users added to the cart and the number of messages sent, it also shows users who add to your cart, including name, locale, gender, date, and so on.
Remind customers forgotten cart- regain old customer, why not ?

Using this plugin is also very simple, after you install the plugin, the "send to messenger" checkbox will appear in your product under the add to cart button. A check box will appear with your customer name in case he is logged in to facebook.
When clicking add to cart, he will automatically opt in to facebook messages from his profile, your facebook page sends him 2 notifications if he does not check, You can still set the time for both reminders, and any time after that can send him more messages, such as sending him a good offer, introducing new products for him.

Last words

Do not ignore customers who have forgotten their shopping cart, customers who have previously visited your website and left their carts finally able to turn over your competitors to meet their needs. If there are no reminders for your customers to return to your website they can finish the purchase elsewhere, By investing in reminders of customers forgetting their shopping carts, you remind buyers to continue their shopping experience and ultimately place orders where you are, rather than your competitors.
The good news is that Christmas and New Year Ninja team has launched a very attractive promotions for customers
The good news is that Christmas and New Year Ninja team has launched a very attractive promotions for customers

Finally, wish you a happy Christmas together with your family and celebrate the New Year.

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