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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

In October, Wordpress released the new beta version of wp 4.9 beta 1 and 2, to test its features before the official release in November. If version 4.8 of wordpress is mainly on adding new widgets, improve links in posts and add new dashboards for recent events, with version 4.9, wordpress will focus on improving customization. Here are the new customizations of version 4.9 over version 4.8

Custom Upgrade

Draft function and scheduler

Most notably in custom upgrades is saving drafts and scheduling posts. According to that, in addition to saving the draft as before, the new customization of wp allows you to save drafts as a regular post, It is quite useful for you when editing posts and restoring posts if the edit is broken.
What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

In addition to that, the post calendar feature makes it possible to prepare ahead of schedule in case you can not post continuously. you can use this feature to prepare an event

menu initialization

What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

This feature is added based on feedback from many users, Now you can easily add custom menus right next to customize quickly.
Version 4.9 is updated support for MySQL server connected to IPv6 and core update with unit compatible with new update of PHP 7.2. in addition, wordpress has also enhanced the protection of users from defects from editing the theme or plugins that they install by warnings when they activate the first Theme or Plugin edit,
What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

 in addition, many other updates help to manage and use your wordpress more convenient.

last words

After the release of beta 1, wordpress has received many comments to improve, so the beta of 4.9 beta 2 has been released with over 70 edits from beta 1. You can download wp 4.9 beta 1 to experience as well as contribute comments for wordpress to complete this version 4.9.
Since this is still experimental, I recommend not running it on your business website to avoid the unwanted consequences.
Official WordPress 4.9 update is scheduled to ship on November 14, 2017.

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