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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

facebook messenger for wordpress help boost sales for business

facebook messenger for wordpress help boost sales for business

There are many ways that can help you increase sales and grow your business, facebook messenger for wordpress is one of them. And I can confidently say that facebook messenger for wordpress is the quickest and easiest way to help bnaj increase sales for your business.
In this article I will show you, how great facebook messenger is for your business.
Currently, most people and your customers are using facebook and facebook messenger to chat with family, friends, relatives .... So you can reach potential customers through facebook messenger.
One billion people use facebook messenger as their main communication channel, this is not the number of people who downloaded the application, but here are some people who regularly use facebook messenger to talk to family, friends and now business.
facebook messenger for wordpress help boost sales for business

Most of all, when your website provides live chat service will prompt the customer to click on the message box rather than fanpage. When customers search for a product, their first step is to go to the website where you sell the product they need, and when they have a query they are ready to click on the chat box to ask the seller for information about the product, which is both convenient and time saving for them. And once customers have visited your site, they are very lazy to go back, and then to your fanpage to ask about the product.

facebook messenger for wordpress helps improve rankings for SEO

facebook messenger for wordpress help boost sales for business

Use facebook messenger for wordpress to help your SEO campaign better, increase your search rankings on google, help improve and increase sales for business.  By SEO for your website, you can achieve higher search rankings and attract more traffic  to your website. Therefore, facebook messenger for wordpress is also considered as a tool to reduce the bounce rate for your website, is the percentage by which visitors left the website without clicking on any links. Higher bounce rate does not benefit your business, some of it reduces your rankings and adversely affect your website, a high bounce rate will not benefit the business, as it will reduce your website rankings and negatively affect your sales. By doing live chat with customers is one of the most effective ways to reduce website bounce rates and increase conversion rates for businesses. Communication in general and SEO in particular is the first determinant of the success of a business, however, in order to reap the best benefits, you have to retain visitors and this is done through effective communication. A customer does not spend his hard-earned money on any product that does not know if it meets his needs or not. So they always have some questions to ask. The most effective way to provide quick answers to these questions is live chat. Live chat is a fairly subtle way to reach your customers, There are no phone bills or expenses for other similar things, furthermore a representative can chat with multiple customers at the same time, therefore, the agent can avoid the case of missed client queries coming later.
facebook messenger for wordpress help boost sales for business

People like their questions are answered immediately and any uncertainty when making a purchase can result in loss of sales. Using facebook messengerfor wordpress plugin allows you to reassure users at the most important moment. The way you interact with visitors helps in improving the conversion rate of your website. If a potential customer has no doubt about the product you are selling to cater to his needs, he is definitely going to purchase. With live chat, a visitor gets answer of all questions in minimum time.
phone, email, which a few ways provide customer support services before and after the sale, however, all these methods are not suitable for face-to-face conversations when providing quick answers to customer questions.
facebook messenger for wordpress can help your business improve the business situation and increase sales. It also has the ability to help your brand become well-known and create loyalty to your business, if your business offers live chat service and customer satisfaction, they will not only buy from you, but return in the next lane and the next time, When they see their query is responded promptly and painstakingly, they will take an action that introduces your website to their family, friends or acquaintances when he or she intends to buy the clothes you are selling.
As a matter of fact, 68% of customers abandoned the purchase because their query was not answered and those customers have bought form your opponent. let's be a good salesman and understand customer psychology.

you can buy facebook messenger for wordpress plugin here: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-messenger-for-wordpress/16392065?ref=Samurai_Team

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