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Monday, November 20, 2017

6 ways to save money on facebook ads

6 ways to save money on facebook ads

Advertising on facebook offers many ways for your posts to reach out to more people. however, running ads is not always effective. In addition, the price of advertising is increasing, which will be very detrimental for retailers who have little money, But there are still ways to save money running ads on facebook.
Here are some ways you can save money running ads onfacebook.

Save money on facebook ads by:

The way create a viral post on facebook

viral post on facebook based on the principles of information spread, This is a really attractive form of marketing that businesses and online retailers are aiming for. Instead of investing huge sums of money desperately in running ads.
With the creation of a viral post on facebook your content will be spread quickly thanks to your friends on facebook. Thanks to such spread, your content will be accessible to people without running ads, so will save you a lot of money running ads on facebook.
Use facebook spiderlink you can create yourself a viral post on facebook, Is not that great ?

Know your goals

Want to save money running ads on facebook, must first know your real target on facebook ads.
Want more people to know about your brand, or get more video views? Set your goals first because it will help you choose the best, most relevant, and most effective advertising campaign. Choose a good goal that is synonymous with running ads effectively and saving money running ads.

You should install the facebook pixel code on your website

If you do not have the facebook pixel code installed then you should do it right before the advertisement, because doing this will save you a lot of money running ads. It allows you to re-target your website visitors with facebook ads.

Target people who already know your company

With the ability to target customers again using a custom audience, You can reach a group of core people that you know are already interested in your product or service. If targeting you can include those who enter your facebook page or visit your website. If you catch this good you can save a lot of money when running facebook ads.

Do not run ads longer than you need

Once your ads have run, check the frequency in your ad manager to see how many times your ad has been displayed. I usually turn off an ad when it reaches the frequency of 2.5-2.75 because since then it has been showing up for your target group regularly. This will help you save money running ads on facebook is not small.

Avoid ads with too-heavy-text images

Although facebook has removed the text limit for promotional images, but those images that have more than 20% of text can reach smaller audiences than those with less text. Choose bright and eye-catching images even in small advertiser sizes, Keep it simple and avoid having too many texts to reach more people. Save money running ads more.

Last words

Facebook advertising creates opportunities for online retailers, but you have to know how to use it wisely to save money running ads on facebook.
I hope that these will help you effectively use facebook advertising to achieve marketing goals and implement it so that you save money running ads on facebook most.

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