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Monday, October 23, 2017



In addition to the simple products that we will use regularly to add more common types of products, Woocommerce also adds another type of product that you will often see in professional sales websites, that is the product have attributes.
For example, you have T-shirts and customers can choose the information when ordering, such as color, size and information to choose which is the product attribute. In Woocommerce, you can set up a product with multiple properties, then give it an external appearance or give it an option when it comes to purchasing and it also helps you set a product price for each attribute.


The text style property means that it displays additional information about the product and the user can not select it, or we can not set a price and image for it. The purpose of this kind of attribute is for the customer to refer, for example hardware information of the electronic device.
First, we go to the Products -> Properties section and create a new text type property.
The storage section means that we allow WordPress to create a separate archive for this attribute with its own path to classify products by attribute, which is good for SEO, so choose it.
The last step is to declare this attribute for the product, you can either edit an existing product or add a new product to add attributes to it.
For the product data, select "Properties", then select the product attribute to apply and press the additional button.
After we finish adding this value, we will declare the display value of this attribute, you can use the | symbol to separate values from each other.
When saving the property, remember to update the product so it starts saving.
Now you go out to see the product will see more information and where it will display the text properties.
Of course, you can add different text style attributes.

Add a style attribute of choice

Attribute-type properties will have a different point: we can enter different prices for each attribute, and customers can choose to buy the style they want. Like when we buy clothes online will have a choice of color, size.
First, we also go to the Products -> Properties section and create the type property. And another feature of the select attribute is that you have to set the attribute type (in other words, the value of the attribute). Click the circle icon on the property management section.
And here we need to declare the values that we will use on the products.
Next, edit or create new products that require additional attributes. Product data, you choose is the product variant.
Next to the attributes, you add the style attribute you just added, remember to add the attribute values you want to use for this product, and mark the section for multiple variations.
Then go through the variants and add variants of this product.
You can then set up detailed information for each variation that this product has been supported by.
Each variant you click on it to set image, price, quantity in stock, ... and if you want to add more variants than press the button to add variation.
You can press the variation button and do the same with the other variations you want.

It's simple, is not it, but do you want to make product attributes and product options more professional? Take a look at the next article that I will introduce you to a great plugin for this option more rich.