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Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017

In the past few years, with the development of wordpress blogging, followed by the introduction and development of wordpress plugins from contact form 7, woocommerce, .... , to live chat for wordpress or messenger facebook for wordpress. A lot of plugins have been created and developed. So today I only list best wordpress plugins for wordpress, and the other plugins will be mentioned later.

1.WP Facebook Messenger

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
WP facebook messenger for wordpress

WP Facebook Messenger is a wordpress plugin for it will make it easy for customers to find your business, so you do not miss out on any potential customers. In addition, it is suitable for woocomerce display anytime anywhere with shortcode, receive notifications immediately, increase the number of visitors visit your site, unlimited color, friendly to use Use and more ....

2.Giga Messenger – Express.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
giga messenger - express

Gige Messenger brings the convenience of an enhanced messenger, creating the bot from your own chat, it helps bnajman manage potential customers to plan your marketing without any hassle. It is not just a chat plugins but it can be said that it is also a marketing tool for your website. It has powerful functions, friendly and easy to use .....

3.Messengerbot for woocommerce.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
messengerbot for woocommerce

This plugin gives you the ability to send customer's order notification via the Facebook Messenger API. The following messages are supported: Order Receipt Change Order Status Order Orders Track information for the AfterShip Tracking Plugin and "WooCommerce Shipping Tracking"

4.Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
facebook live chat for wordpress

It is also a plugins support for chatting online, it makes it easy for potential customers to find your business through facebook messenger FEATURES 1.0, The friendly interface, superior features are easy to help you easily support customers quickly, helping you get a large number of potential customers.

5.Facebook Live messenger.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
facebook live messenger

Direct chat and meet all your needs by using a direct messeger facebook, which is a free plugins, designed to automatically change the size, chat title and location of the message, like Merge most androi OS, desktop OS desktop ...

6.Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
facebook messenger for  wordpress

Is a plugins that makes it easy for customers to access and chat with your business, using Messenger Facebook directly, helping you increase conversions from regular customers through leads. Use it as a live help app, multilingual, timeline support and events ......

7.Facebook Messenger Live Chat.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
facebook messenger live chat

Support your customers through Facebook live chat directly on your own site, Facebook Messenger has over 800 million monthly active users, free, save conversation history, up to 20 additional tools. Marketing is free and free on your website to increase your sales and attract more subscribers.


The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017

Icegram is the best plugins to create nice optins and buttons that call for action clients, displaying them for targeted visitors, and converting them to targeted customers and fanpages, so automatically when using icegram You do not have to get any developer to develop it, you can easily set it up in minutes without any programming knowledge, it's easy.

9.woocommerce products filter.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
woocommerce products filter

The woocommerce products filter is a plug-in developed based on woocommerce. It allows you and your clients to filter products by: categories, labels, attributes, custom divisions, and prices. Maximum flexibility will be most pleasurable when using the woocommerce products filter.

Beyond the facebook messenger for wordpress you can also use facebook live chat plugins for wordpress to chat directly and support  with customers on your website

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