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Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

What Is Facebook Messenger For Wordpress ?

Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

Just like facebook live chat for wordpress, facebook messenger for wordpress also works to connect customers with businesses. Help businesses solve problems from customers quickly, the goal is to reduce costs and save a lot of time for business, and make it easy for customers to access business so that they can solve their problems quickly and easily.
More importantly, facebook messenger is also one of the indispensable components for marketing your business more easily. Now let's learn about facebook messenger for wordpress, see how it has power.

Features Of Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

facebook messenger for wordpress is the fastest way to connect customers with business is not need to debate. Besides the fast connection feature, the WP facebook messenger also has other great features that we can not ignore.
This is the fastest and easiest way to help customers make contact with your business via Facebook Messenger. This we have already mentioned, I repeat for fear you forget :))
You will get notifications immediately in fan page management app when new messages come. because your website has a direct link to facebook messenger for wordpress on facebook, So when you just received the message of the customer and your fanpage also received a message and informed you, whether you are on the web or not, you are not afraid to miss the message.
Adding Messenger button to your product detail, cart or thank-you pages helps buyers ask their questions and find needed support. Because facebook messenger for wordpress was designed to serve the sales page, so making it compatible with woocommerce is a great thing for online stores.
Messenger icon and button work perfectly on any desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Symbols and messenger buttons not only show up on your computer but also appear on tablets, and mobile devices. Because the author understands the importance of mobile devices in the present life. Most people use mobile devices to read newspapers, surf the web to facebook .... so the design of facebook messenger for wordpress on any desktop, tablet, and mobile devices is extremely necessary.
 Simply pick the color to make sure it matches well with your current theme and fits your taste. Not every website has the same theme and not every website has the same color.There are more colors that will make the facebook messenger more suitable for the website. and inside facebook messenger for wordpress color is unlimited.
Installation takes only 20 seconds then you’re free to customize any elements you want. Very quick to install facebook messenger for wordpress, so you save a lot of time installing this plugin. In addition to quick and easy installation it is very easy to use as well as very easy to customize.


Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

When your visitors type messages, the Like button shows up in the message box, inviting them to click.
Certainly receive your visitors’ messages and keep their contact details for future inviting messages
All you need to do is to enter your fan page URL in Plugin settings. See demo & screenshots for your information.
Obtain richer customer base for your future remarketing plans. A substantial way to boost your revenue.


Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

Based on Facebook Messenger, this plugin is developed to work as an online support desk for your business.Because it makes it possible for businesses and customers to connect directly with each other, this will be a positive point in the business, Increases the likelihood of sales of the business
Visitors can just leave a message to say Hi, or ask more about your products. And the messages are stored right in your Messenger inbox. You’ll get notified immediately and solve customers’ issues quickly.
The best thing is, you have their contact details in order to capture leads and more sales in the future. This is thanks to facebook messenger for wordpress can store the content as well as information of all customers have used it.may be used when you like this feature of it.
Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.


Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

Manual installation is easy and takes fewer than one minute.
Download the plugin facebook messenger for wordpress from CodeCanyon, unpack it and upload the [Facebook Messenger for WordPress] folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
Go to your main WordPress menu > Facebook Messenger for WordPress > Settings, and configure the basic options (fan page url, color, language, where want to display, etc…)
You’re done. Enjoy Messenger WordPress!
Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

Why Should You Use It

Perfect design
facebook messenger for wordpress is created under the extremely friendly care of the author. They apply all the criteria on facebook UI to design the perfect proportions for boxchat, all other buttons are also optimized for readability and ease of contact.
Featured players
The number of facebook users is constantly increasing. Chatbots, a new application and billing system are being developed to help all users find the most convenience in browsing and shopping. So, as you gather information right now, you will be the leader and winner of the race.
Bright prospects
Just you think about it, when you have a large facebook object, you will see you can do all you have with them. There are many features that facebook messenger for wordpress implement has in fact.
Such as conditional fortune-telling, export, automation, film filming ... so on so.

Last words

facebook messenger for wordpress is really a great plugins for business, my business is using it very well, will be a shortcoming when you do not experience it.
You can experiment with free plugins here
When you find it interesting and really help you, you can buy plugins here

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