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Monday, March 13, 2017

Facebook messenger for wordpress help increase conversion rate, why not?

facebook messenger for wordpress
facebook messenger for wordpress

Hello everyone, today i would like to write about plugins facebook messenger for wordpress.
When we do business on the Internet or when we have a website selling a product, there are mottj some customers want to consult about a product that is not convenient to call us, what should we do?
The solution is facebook messenger for wordpress. Let's find out about it

What is facebook messenger for wordpress?

facebookmessenger for wordpress
inside facebook messenger for wordpress

Facebook messenger for wordpress is the fastest and most effective way to connect and reach customers, for any sellers and business owners.It is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with your business through facebook messenger. Nowadays most people use facebook as a communication tool, use facebook messenger for wordpress just handy and increase the conversion rate for the business, Because it is directly connected to the user's facebook messenger, make sure you receive the customer's message and keep in touch with them.
The use of tools to reach customers has the advantage that it helps you know what the customer wants right at the time, Speed up the sales process and boost your business growth, Obtain richer customer base for your future remarketing plans. A substantial way to boost your revenue. Not only that, it is compatible with all languages including LTR & RTL, When setting up a facebook messenger for your site, you will be satisfied that it works perfectly on any device from your desktop, laptop, desktop and mobile, very handy for the user. When a customer sends a message to you right away, you will receive a notification right in your fan page, And even more surprisingly, when a customer accesses instant messager for business, a button like button appears in the customer invitation dialog this will help promote and increase the number of customers for your business. but they are very user friendly and easy to use.
With the above advantages I believe using facebook messenger is the best choice for your business.
facebook messenger for wordpress
inside facebook messenger for wordpress

Why facebook messenger for wordpress is the perfect choice for your business?

According to research by my sales behavior experts and sales experience, when sellers and customers have direct access to each otherThe conversion rate from purchase intent to purchase behavior is very high at that time

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