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10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Do you want more people to interact with your posts on facebook? Do you want to improve your business on facebook? increase facebook interaction means increasing the likelihood of having more people know you, increasing your bottom line with the lowest possible advertising cost.
In this article, we will go together to explore 10 ways can help you increase interactivity on facebook.

Okay let’s begin.

10 ways increase facebook interaction

create viral post on facebook by facebook spiderlink

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

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Increase facebook interaction does not require copywriting skills, no need to spend a lot of money on the ad, a totally natural approach and most importantly, make sure you increase sales when using facebook spiderlink.

Create a shareable content

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Shareable content is one of the most common ways to increase facebook interactions.
If you want more people to share your facebook post, you need to create content that is highly shared ."Highly Shareable" is content related to your audience that forces them to share your article.
Content can be a hot news, education, fun, entertainment or something that is often not seen elsewhere. These are the types of content that often stimulate the reader's curiosity and motivate them to share.
For example, having a video from the techchnica is a simple video that teaches you how to do with butter, and this video has received over 6,800 share.

including the call to action

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Similar to when you want to create a content sharing, the important thing is to get people involved, include something as simple as a share invitation post.
For example, on the anniversary of the Rainbow Bridge, Woof has created an action, urging people to call on people to share the image of their pet. Eye-catching video postings have seen over 7 million views, 19,000 comments, and 208,000 shared views.

combination of content types

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

There’s a window of opportunity right now with the Facebook news feed algorithm, since not nearly enough businesses are doing video.
If you put a higher ratio of video in your content mix (three times a week), it will increase the visibility and engagement of your page substantially. Mix in other content types and you have a recipe for success.
The Betty Rocker is a nutrition and fitness expert who has a wonderful mix of content types. From recipes and checklists to inspirational pics and fitness videos, there’s always something interesting on her page.

Use facebook live regularly

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

One way to incorporate more video is to use facebook live regularly on your site. Starting with a live broadcast a week, have the idea to have time to plan the broadcast to get the highest effect. ted yoder performs live concerts on facebook from his backyard, Ted announced his concert start time for his audience. His videos are very popular. He has increased the facebook interaction quite well, he has more than 75 million views on facebook people.

Design Video for Viewing With the Sound Off

To increase facebook interaction make your video easy to understand or have audio, although facebook has the feature to automatically play audio for video, You should still design your video to watch along with audio clutter whenever possible, Because the user wants to have control over the mute button.
Also, you should add subtitles to your video that will also increase interactivity.
For example, this is Tony Robbins' movie, which provides information to the audience, whether or not people have heard him.

try the article immediately

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Increase facebook interaction thanks to instant articles.
Instant messages load 10 times faster in the facebook mobile app than the regular mobile links. If you have not configured Facebook Instant Articles, you need to consider that.
Companies that use instant messaging include Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Washington Post, and others. For example, Mashable publishes some content via instant articles, like this one about upcoming LinkedIn changes.
Only after the article clicks will appear, the audience does not have to wait too long. Because viewers get instant gratification when they click on instant posts, they are more likely to read it and share it, which increases the interactivity on facebook for your article.

Change your posting time

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Do not get the commitment you want for your facebook post? Try publishing content outside of business hours, such as in the evening or on weekends. In addition, it is entirely possible to repurpose the content. Post content that has been shared on other networks and periodically republish your most popular Facebook posts. However, do not share previously posted posts; Republish it as a fresh article.
Be aware of the evergreen content you share. If you republish older content, be sure to read it in advance to ensure it remains relevant. In addition, while you can automatically publish links and blog posts using third-party tools, do not set and forget it.
Every now and then something can happen in the world or in your business and industry. Just be aware of what you are posting and when to make sure it stays relevant and does not interrupt the crisis.

keep track of other facebook pages

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Keeping track of the facebook page of other businesses in your industry and the facebook page of other domains is also a factor that helps you increase your facebook interaction.
To follow other pages, visit your facebook page for details on finding and setting pages to view. facebook will tell you what's popular on other pages, will also check that page regularly to solve your eye problems.

Undelete traffic from other sources

10 ways to increase facebook's interaction you should know

Another way to increase interactivity for your posts is to send traffic to your facebook page from other social networks and your newsletter. Click your facebook timestamp to get the permalink, then use the short URL to create a shareable link.
Share will link posts on facebook, on twitter or another social network with the invitation to join the conversation, This will put some people using twitter follow your facebook that joins.

Last words

How many to increase facebook interaction, I still recommend using spiderlink facebook, because it is both convenient, easy to use and effective high even if you do not have copywriting skills.
Finally, wish you a happy Christmas together with your family and celebrate the New Year.

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