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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Recently, the popular SEO plugin in WordPress has launched a "Big Update" with many new features and improved performance in some old functions. If you have upgraded to Yoast SEO 3.0.1 (former name is WordPress SEO by Yoast) from today it certainly has seen these changes.
So in Yoast SEO version 3 this is new and what does it mean in SEO? Let's find out.

Built OnPage.Org

A small but useful feature in this new version is that the website will automatically check if the website is indexed on Google, it will check itself each week and report back to the Dashboard.
However, if you have many posts and weak hosts then this feature may not work very well because each time it fetch is quite heavy.

Focus keywords in real time

Yoast's keyword focus function when writing articles in the past we want to test a certain keyword, will need to reload the page by pressing the update button or post the article. But now you will be more comfortable with keyword testing because they add real-time testing, just enter the keyword into it automatically check without back page.

Snippet Preview becomes Snippet Editor

Previously we would enter the title and description should be optimized and then the Snippet Preview will show how simulated it will display on Google. However, since version 3, they have left the title and description fields, and you edit them directly on the Snippet Editor.

Additional SEO Methox for Category / Tag / Taxonomy

Now you can optimize keywords for taxonomy areas such as article categories or better article keywords by integrating Yoast SEO Metrics into that area. This feature also works on custom taxonomy. Also you can set up a social network description for taxonomy.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Create a push facebook notification-redirect customer to a business landing page

Create a push facebook notification-redirect customer to a business landing page

Are you stuck in finding customers through facebook? Are you paying too much for running FB ads to find new customers? Are you looking to increase sales, but you are only looking to sell to new customers, and are you thinking of looking for them?
But why not make use of your old customers to sell new and attractive products to them? You simply create a push facebook notification to remarket your old customer and redirect old customer to your business landing page.
Because your new customers are dust and yours, but if they do not intend to buy from you you will not be able to sell any of your products to them. But your old customer is another matter, your old customers will be a great source of sales, because they already know your business, and they have already purchased or are interested in purchasing from you so you can subordinate them from you easily. With new products you do not have to spend time and do not have to spend money to find customers again.
What you need to do is create a push facebook notification and redirect old customer to your landing page.

How a to create push facebook notification

If you have or do not have a list of customers who have ever been interested in buying your product, that's fine. First, let's take a look at how to create a facebook push notification so I want to ask you a question.
What is the first thing when you log into facebook?
Yes, if you act like 90% of people around the world, you see that little red notification number and you click it. You see Facebook has trained people to click to view their notifications, they do it without even thinking!
And you can also create those little red notifications with just a few simple clicks using the notifly-facebook push notification plugin of ninjateam. Use the notifly plugin to create a push facebook notification that helps you increase sales, why not ?
Perhaps you are here thinking if you do not have a lot of customer data or even no customer data then how to create a push facebook notification? please be assured that this plugin can collect and store customer information of the bnaj they are interested in buying your product.
In addition, you can combine with creating a viral post onfacebook to expand your customer database. There are many customer databases you can create a push facebook notification to save you a lot of money running the ads.

Create a push facebook notification-redirect customer to a business landing page

Create a push facebook notification-redirect customer to a business landing page

You already have a customer database for your notification campaigns, the rest is to create a push notifications to redirect customer to business landing page will be very simple.
Just a few clicks and a few customizations are appropriate as you were able to create a facebook push notifiaction.
You have to keep this in mind you must enter the destination information of the website containing your product, and when the customer redirects to your business landing page you have to create a title that attracts customers to receive the message.
For example you can put a message saying: helloHATACHI NARA seems you have been through a important thing that you are interested in, click here and here to find your concern again. Or you can also write this title: hello HARACHI NARA we just sent you a gift, click to receive gift. or many other titles depending on your purpose, you can create many other titles.
Note: create a facebook push to redirect customer to business landing page is a great tip to promote business, but do not overdo it and do not use it often As you know, getting regular notifications is sometimes not desirable sometimes it is also a nuisance for your customers, and it can be a double-edged sword if you do not use it properly.

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer

Create a push facebook notification-redirect customer to a business landing page

As mentioned above, old customers are a valuable source of sales, create a push facebook notification on facebook is a way to rekindle interest in the purchase of your customers. And win back old customer is important for your business.

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Monday, November 6, 2017



By default, when installing Woocommerce, you may find that the products have not very nice links, but if you want the product paths and product directory paths, the product keyword is better then we should. Enable static path for Woocommerce. In this article I will talk about how to install and some tips related to static path optimization.


To set this up, you have to go to Settings -> Static Routes.

Then, in the common installation you have to select the path structure calculated for WordPress before to activate the feature.

And in the optional section, you will see that there are additional sections for the product including:

·         Product category default: Means the base name on the path to product catalog pages. An example on the path to the list will be https://thachpham.com/danh-muc-san-pham/quan-jean/ then the name of the muc-san-pham is the name of the base for the category. For some reason, you should set it muc-san-pham or something other than muc-san-pham because it will get a 404 error if it is named.
·         Default product keyword: Same as above but for product keyword pages.
·         Default Product Attribute: Same as above but for archive pages for product attributes.
Note, you can not use accented Vietnamese. I will correct as follows to not error:

And below is the default static link of the product or in other words easier to understand the static path structure for the product page. Here you can choose the structure that you like but avoid selecting the structure with the Vietnamese mark as it will fail. For example, I want my path is https://thachpham.com/san-pham/quan-levis will set as follows:

Or if you want to link the product containing the product category name of the product then set as follows:


I write it so that it matches the translation but if it is correct to delete the base name for product paths and categories. Above you will see that each time you enter the path of the product list will have more / product-catalog/ on the path and for the product will have more / product /. If you want to delete those two, then install these two plugins.
First, install the Remove Taxonomy Base Slug and activate it. Then go to Extract Package -> Remove Taxonomy Base Slug and select product_cat and product_tag (press shift to select) and click Apply Changes.

Finally go to Settings -> Static Path press the Save button again so it flush permalink.
The next step is to remove the plugin from custom post type and activate it, then go to Settings -> Static Path and press the Save Changes button.

ADD .HTML for the product

When you install the plugin remove slug from the custom post type is in the plugin that has added support for suffix for the path. You go to Settings -> Custom post type and fill in the html.

Then go to Settings -> Static Path and press save button to change it to update. Now go back to the homepage and click on the product will see the product has .html in the tail already.


That is some of my experience in optimizing Woocommerce's paths, first of all giving it a nice boost and of course the second is for the path structure that it's SEO standards are all right. Wish you success.

note: Because today my site has problems so I can not edit the English language, so the image will have another language

Friday, November 3, 2017

How to create a viral post-seve money running ads on facebook.

How to create a viral post-seve money running ads on facebook.

Perhaps you have seen the status update of a brand or an individual that has hundreds, thousands of likes and share. Have you ever wondered, Why does that status attract so many interactions? And how can they make customers like, comment and share a post?
Actually it's called "create a viral post onfacebook" . That is, you have to do it all the way to your post on facebook can attract more interaction. You see, the status, the articles are widely commented, shared dizzy, These articles can be shared to other people, to other websites and shared on youtube if it's video status. And with voluntary sharing, that article will reach a lot of people. Try to think, if that article is the content of the product you want to sell. And with a huge amount of people approaching your articles, have you saved money running ads on facebook ? That's why most companies now use "create a viral post onfacebook" to "spread" their brand to people.
But to do that you have to have many superior skills, And sometimes you have to spend a lot of money for facebook ads to be able to do it.
Don’t worry, there are many simpler ways But still can create a viral post on facebook. One of them is facebook spiderlink, which is simple and easy to use, when using facebook spiderlik plugin you can create a viral post on facebook, Create a viral post on facebook, you can save money running ads.

How to create a viral post on facebook

How to create a viral post-seve money running ads on facebook.

The way that facebook spiderlink create a viral post on facebook is very special, In order to create a viral post on facebook you need to have a quality article, give the reader much needed information. The rest left for facebook spiderlink to handle, specific like this: When you post on the website, you get the link of that article share on your facebook Or when you create a post on your fanpage, the create a viral post on facebook gets this plugin share to everyone by creating an action for people to voluntarily like and share your article. Rest assured, plugin spiderlink helps you increase article interactivity on facebook without any intervention by any hacking technique. This plugin is not a hack like tool, or a hack share you are assured that your interaction is the most natural and natural interaction.
Just type your own request to match your fan site click Save Changes to save your own design because facebook spiderlink can hide your special link and create an action for others to share the article that is always comfortable. For example: You have a great article on facebook you want articles that reach out to many people, you just post it to facebook and create a gift action, you can do like this, to be able to receive gifts from the fanpage you just press the share button.
Just so simple you can already craete a viral post on facebook then that, so by this, you can Increase article interactivity on facebook and can save money running ads.
How to create a viral post-seve money running ads on facebook.

How to save money running ads on facebook

How to create a viral post-seve money running ads on facebook.

You see, advertising on facebook is an advantage for the business on facebook if they can optimize their advertising campaigns. Running ads on facebook can help users see the content of your product, or can help you to promote, build and create recognition for your brand.
But you pay attention, recently the cost to run ads on facebook increasingly expensive, So for businessmen who are not strong financially, this is a disadvantage for you, so to calculate how to manage the reach of many people increase Increase facebook interaction and save money running ads is a very difficult problem.
So if this pluign can create a viral post on facebook, make many people volunteer to share your article, many people share will reach a lot of people. Many people know your post so you can save money runing ads on facebook you will not even have to run ads if you can optimize your article well.
Not only can you increase facebook interaction but also increase sales, which is a great plugin right?
Note: facebook spiderlink is a great pluign to create a viral post on facebook but you should not abuse it regularly, avoid causing unpleasant feelings to your customers.

You can combine with create a push notification on facebook to increase the efficiency of reaching customers and save money running ads

Be the first to grab this tool while your competitors haven’t heard about it!

Because this plugin is commercial plugin, there is no free version, if you want to use it you can buy it here.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017


When it comes to widgets in WordPress, you probably think of the widgets that appear on your site. However, the widget I mentioned in this article is not for displaying outside the website but as a widget within the admin page, which is located in the Dashboard as shown below.

And in this tutorial I will show you how to delete the default widgets as well as create a new widget in the admin page to use it to display some of the information you want.

How to delete the default widget in the admin page

If you are like me, the widgets in the admin page almost do not use it a long time because it is too little information, just as we should delete it to avoid seeing it again.
To do this, we will create a function and hook it into the action hook named wp_dashboard_setup.
 * Delete the default widget in the admin page */
 function tp_remove_default_admin_widget() {

add_action( 'wp_dashboard_setup', 'tp_remove_default_admin_widget' );

And then in this function we use the remove_meta_box function to delete the widget here. We use this function because these widgets are meta boxes created for page type called dashboard. For example, if you want to remove the WordPress News widget, you have the following:
 * Delete the default widget in the admin page
 function tp_remove_default_admin_widget() {

     remove_meta_box( 'dashboard_primary', 'dashboard', 'side' );

add_action( 'wp_dashboard_setup', 'tp_remove_default_admin_widget' );

Similarly, you can see a list of the default dashboard names here and want to delete which one then copy that into your function.

In case you want to remove the welcome display in the Dashboard, you must use remove_action (), and place the code outside of your function.
remove_action( 'welcome_panel', 'wp_welcome_panel' );

How to create a widget in the admin page

Usually when creating a website for a customer, we may need to use the Dashboard to post a reminder notice, or advanced features such as getting the latest news on our site, or updating the price of gold. Something, ... depending on the level of your code.
In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a simple widget and a widget to display the latest posts on your page via RSS.
We first create a separate function and hook it into the action hook named wp_dashboard_setup. And in this function we use the function wp_add_dashboard_widget () to create a new widget.
 * Create widget in admin page
 function tp_create_admin_widget_notice() {
    wp_add_dashboard_widget( 'tp_notice', 'Reminder notes', 'tp_create_admin_widget_notice_callback' );
add_action( 'wp_dashboard_setup', 'tp_create_admin_widget_notice' );

In the above paragraph, we have:
wp_add_dashboard_widget( 'tp_notice', 'Ghi chú nhắc nhở', 'tp_create_admin_widget_notice_callback' );

tp_notice: ID of the widget, the ID must not be the same as the other widgets.
Reminder notes: The title of the widget
tp_create_admin_widget_notice_callback: The name of the function that it will execute in this widget, where you can understand what this function contains is what it displays in the widget whose ID is tp_notice.
Okay, now let's create the function tp_create_admin_widget_notice_callback()that we have declared above to display the content of the generated widget. In this function we temporarily display a simple text.
function tp_create_admin_widget_notice_callback() {
    echo '

This is sample content in the tutorial on how to create a simple widget in the admin page..


Since you have full access to the PHP code in this section, you can create your own content here.

The mechanism of use is just that. But hopefully once you know the simplest things, you'll be able to easily find better ways to use widgets in the more useful administration page.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

You probably already know the use of facebook messenger auto-reply then right,  facebook auto-reply gives you strength to be able to satisfy customers, do not force them to wait, increase sales turnover. can say facebook messenger auto-reply is one of the divine plugin for business.
If you still have questions about facebook auto-reply then you can learn more here.
Today I will be with you to install and explore this plugin.

Buy facebook messenger auto-reply

Before we proceed to install facebook messenger auto-reply I need to say in advance to you a problem.
Because facebook auto-reply is a commercial plugin, there is no free or trial version.
If you want to install and use facebook messenger auto-reply you have to buy it on codecanyon.
You can buy facebook messenger auto-reply plugin here.

Way 1

First you click on the letter here to direct you where you can buy facebook messenger auto-reply, Here you will see this plugin and the next is the word buy now, click buy now to buy facebook auto-reply.
Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

way 2

First go to ccodecanyon.net and type ninjateam at the search
Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Then you will be redirected to another page, Here you find facebook messenger auto-reply by clicking down, facebook auto-reply it is located just below notifly-facebook push notification.
Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Now that you have seen the facebook messenger auto-reply, click on it, Now you see a familiar image, and your job now is just to click the buy now button to buy the plugin.
Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

After clicking on by now you follow some instructions to pay and after the payment is completed the plugin will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Install facebook messenger auto-reply

Now that we have facebook messenger auto-reply together we proceed to install it only.
To install it first go to the dashboard of your website, navigate to plugins and then click on it, and find the word add new click on next.
where you click on the plugin plugins and then select the folder facebook messenger auto-reply you buy new

Then you will be redirected to another page, where you click on the plugin  and then select the folder facebook messenger auto-reply you buy new. Finally click the install now button to complete the installation of facebook auto-reply.
where you click on the plugin plugins and then select the folder facebook messenger auto-reply you buy new

you have completed plugin install this so that.

Customize facebook messenger auto-reply

You have successfully installed facebook messenger auto-reply, but to use it most effectively you have to customize some items. The customizable facebook messenger auto-reply is so simple you just need to be able to cutomize it yourself, so I just give you some pictures for you to preview.

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

Install and use facebook messenger auto-reply

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Monday, October 30, 2017

17 most used plugins 2017

22 most used plugins 2017

can you do wordpress without the plugin? My answer is probably not because the plugin is also considered the power, is the soul for a wordpress website, they bring important functions to your wordpress website. In fact plugins are attractive for wordpress,  giant container of wordpress make this platform plentiful in the true sense.
After you decide to create a website on wordpress platform, make sure you choose a good quality wordpress hosting provider that offers you the option and install WP easily once wordpress is set up on your website, choose the right plugin and match your requirements for quality and functionality.
And in this article I will recommend to you 17 plugins which many wordpress users use most . Now let's see the most used plugins 2017, Check that you are using or searching for any of these plugins.

The most used plugins in 2017

Seo by yoast

22 most used plugins 2017

One of the most popular and widely used plugins Seo By Yoast brings all the relevant seo related and important to your wordpress website. I really like the SEO feature on my wordpress website with this plugin it's extremely useful with any wordpress user, as it gives you a glimpse of how well your blog posts are optimized for SEO. In addition, it creates an XML sitemap for your website without using a plugin with similar functionality to do so.

Facebook messneger for wordpress

22 most used plugins 2017

facebook messenger for wordpress is an indispensable plugin for any website and I recommend you have this plugin even if your website is active in any field. Especially the business website because this is a plugin that helps you connect with other people.
facebook messenger for wordpress is the best and free plugin to help you chat live with others. I'm using this plugin for all the websites that I have and are managing, must say it is very good, I really like it.

W3 Total Cache

22 most used plugins 2017

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular cahing plugin for wordpress, I have used this plugin for almost every website I have and it makes the difference in the time of each website This plugin provides some options for optimizing your website, and if it is configured correctly you can see the difference in its performance.
Those newbie users will find there a bit complicated when installed, however, there are some great tutorials on how to set up W3 Total Cache.


22 most used plugins 2017

Jetpack is a great collection of features for speeding up your website with some extremely useful functions.
Jetpack is a combination of many plugins in one Starting from site security, optimizing a user's commitment offers important features for you.

Facebook live chat for wordpress

22 most used plugins 2017

Facebook live Chat for wordpress is a WordPress plugin that lets you place your Facebook dialog on your website, where visitors can chat with you via Facebook Messenger. This is an easy way to support, keep in touch with your customers and turn your visitors into customers, chat with them anytime to increase sales.
If all of my website systems do not use facebook messengerfor wordpress then I would definitely choose facebook live chat for wordpress for use on all website systems that I manage.


22 most used plugins 2017

Monarch from ElegantThemes là một trong những plugin xã hội tốt nhất cho WordPress. This plugin gives you completely modern customizations to display the social networking button on your website and increase the number of posts will increase your posts significantly.
This is one of the most comprehensive social networking plugins that give you many options on the design and location of shared buttons.
This plugin will bring intriguing nodes where you can put the strategy to increase the number of social sharing that will get you traffic from social sites and get better rankings for the Post your blog in search engines like Google because they use social signals as one of the ranking factors.

Google XML Sitemaps

22 most used plugins 2017

Google XML Sitemaps make it much easier for search engines to crawl your pages and postings to your wordpress site.  Google XML Sitemaps supports all types of pages created by WP and custom URL

iThemes Security

22 most used plugins 2017

Your website security is of immense importance, I advise you never to ignore that, iThemes Security is one of the most effective plugin in protecting and setting up your wordpress website, It gives you more than 30 ways to protect your wordpress.


22 most used plugins 2017

is a very important plugin for any website, This is a powerful WP database cleanup tool, and is a site optimization tool, it does not require phpmyadmin to clean and optimize your database tables.
Clean up all unnecessary elements like automatic drafts, old and unacceptable comments, and all other stuff is taking up the database without adding any value to your site.
This plugin is very easy to use, you can remove all the unnecessary stuff that is taking up the database, and clean up all your databases with just one button.

Contact Form 7

22 most used plugins 2017

contact form 7 multi-step is an important and sure thing to have your wordpress website, contact from 7 multi-step plugin is very easy to use and gives you all the important features you need on your contact page.

Facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin

22 most used plugins 2017

Are you looking for the best solution to attract more views, likes, sharing, and comments?  You do not believe facebook spiderlink can help you do that. Essentially this plugin will help you make your facebook post viral.  This means that when you post an article on your website and share your article on your facebook. facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin will do its job is to help you attract more like, share, commetn, view and reach many people, a lot people. Have you seen it yet?
confess to everyone is I'm also using facebook spiderlinkwordpreess plugin for my managed sites to attract traffic to my site.

WP Smush.it

22 most used plugins 2017

The thing that really matters to any website is the optimization of the image file to help speed up the site, And it's handmade for every image so it can be a real task. WP Smush.it is a plugin that can rescue you because it automatically runs images through the background optimization process.


22 most used plugins 2017

Bloom email opt in plugin is one of the best mailing list busing plugins for WordPress, and it offers tons of design options and templates.
It comes with over 100 email subscriptions ready for you to use on your site, or you can customize them according to your needs. Not only that but bloom also gives you some options to place samples, You can display a fascinating snapshot search popup that you can activate depending on many factors.

BJ Lazy Loadb

22 most used plugins 2017

BJ Lazy Load will make your site load faster and save bandwidth by making images load lazy. Uses jQuery and degrade gracefully for non-js users. It automatically serves scaled down images in responsive designs.

Broken Link Checker

22 most used plugins 2017

Broken links can negatively impact your website as SEO is most affected, this is the best wordpress plugin to check broken links on your website, so you can fix those errors, SEO units may charge you hundreds of dollars to fix issues related to SEO, like looking for broken links and fixing them. But here is a free plugin that will do the job for you.

My WP Backup Pro

22 most used plugins 2017

My WP Backup Pro is a very strong backup plugin for WordPress which is created by MyThemeShop; I am a huge fan of the MyThemeShop products be it the themes or the plugin. In all their products, they bring in a user-friendly interface so that even a complete newbie can make the best use of it and they maintain a high standard regarding quality.
This backup plugin will help you to keep your WordPress blog safe in any circumstances. This WordPress backup plugin offers you all the features which you may expect in a high-quality backup plugin.
With this plugin, you can schedule automated backup of your WordPress site data and files to any email of your choice; you can also take the backup manually if you want to. The restoration process is also quick and easy.
With My WP Backup Pro plugin, you can backup your site to any FTP, backup to email, backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, you can also backup your site to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier as per your requirement, with this plugin you will never fall short of options.
You have some amazing paid alternatives like Vaultpress and BackupBuddy which will offer you quality service for backing up your WordPress site.

WordPress Subscribe Pro

22 most used plugins 2017

An email plugin plugins that one of the required wordpress plugins have to spend on any site your email list can be a great source of data for your upcoming plans. WordPress Subscription Pro is a great pluginsn inexpensive as other similar plugins, and it offers you several options to optimize your registration form. I am using this plugin for HATACHI NARA and it is working great, this plugin gives you some options related to the location of the email subscription widget. You can also set a complete custom popup to capture your users' email, which you can still control for the full duration of the activation.

WP Notification Bar Pro

22 most used plugins 2017

I always promote this plugin wherever possible because I believe this as one of the most useful plugins for WordPress, and we use this plugin in SourceWP to showcase special offers whenever we have any.
A notification bar plugin is very important for any WordPress blog or even the business site because a nicely designed notification bar is the best way to capture the attention of your visitors. A quality notification bar plugin like this can do a lot more than just capturing the attention.
With this bar plugin you can create text link, button link, countdown to show any special offer and the timing of the offer, you can use this plugin to show the social share and follow links to encourage your users to follow your site, you can also use this bar plugin as an opt-in email form.
The plugin is extremely easy to use, once you activate it; you will get the option to set up the bar in the WordPress admin called notification bar. It works like a custom post type; you can set all the details of your bar and choose the type of bar from a variety of options such as text, button, email subscription, countdown timer, social media button, popup video, search form and a lot more.