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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The plugin required for a wordpress blog

You know how to install the plugin and use the plugin, and this is also the outstanding feature of WordPress.Org compared to WordPress.Com. But avoid the plugins do not know or do not know a lot of plugins, I have a list of instructions of each plugin that he considers to be necessary and you should install no matter what your site.

List of plugins to be installed

The following plugins have detailed instructions at Hatachi Nara, please click on the plugin name to see the most detailed instructions.

JetPack - A collection of useful tools for WordPress (not installed at localhost).
Akismet - Strong anti-spam comment.
Advanced TinyMCE - Add editor buttons to WordPress.
Yoast SEO - SEO support for the best WordPress.
WP Super Cache - Caching to speed up your website.
iThemes Security - The most popular security plugin for WordPress.
Contact Form 7 - Create the best contact form.
Responsive Lightbox by dFactory - Create a lightbox effect when you click on a photo to view a larger image.
ReplyMe - Send a notification when someone responds to a comment.
Disqus - If you want to use comment system like Thachpham.com then install.
These are the plugins that you think you should install on any kind of website, of course besides the plugin you can install any plugin that you think fit.


Those are the plugins needed for a wordpress blog, of course each blog has its own fields, And I dare you with a lot of plugins that match the field that your bolg is active, With the huge plugin store you spoiled for choice of plugins suitable for you.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

at a typical cost to get a new customer, it is not surprising that more and more e-commerce retailers are disappointed with the rising cost of advertising, but not the effect.
However, the truth is many online retailers have done little to win back lost customers or win back old customers, because I can assure you that old customers are a great source of sales.
Online retailers only focus on increasing traffic, spending more money to get higher rankings, more clicks. And they spend a lot of money on advertising, converting new visitors into leads, and more.
But they have completely ignored the simplest way to increase sales thanks to the win back old customer, but do you know that win back old customers have the opportunity to switch from 60 to 70%?. A customer who has purchased from you two times is likely to convert nine times more than a potential customer when they have not purchased from you.
Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

So how can you ensure that you can win back old customer? And How to make sure that customers are interested and buy new products from you again?
It is very simple, just create a push facebook notification, also known as win back old customer campaign by push notiffication on facebook. And thanks to the customer data that this plugin collects, you can create a customer-directed marketing campaign on the product you are selling.

What is campaign “create a push facebook notification-win back old customer” ?

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

Perhaps you still do not understand, What is campaign createa push facebook notification, win back old customer?
Simply, you market your products to old customers by creating push notifications on facebook to let your customers see. Notice the small red as you often see and click on it unconsciously every time you online FB. How to create a facebook push notification I have a post then, you can read it again.
The great push facebook notification is that it can help your product reach 100% of the old customers you are targeting, So win back old customer with push notifications facebook can save you a lot of money running the ads, but still increase sales for you.

Win back old customer by client data

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

Now you have the plugin that can create a push facebook notification, but customer data is not available for you to create a campaign. Do not worry, this plugin is capable of collecting customer data for you, you will always have old customer data to prepare for successful marketing campaigns.
Also you can use createa viral post on facebook and facebookauto reply to be able to expand customer data for your own.
The simple operation of this plugin can help you master the win back old customer campaigns to bring more efficiency in bringing product information to your customers. win back old customer increases revenue while still saving money running ads for you. why do not you try ?
Note: Create a push facebook notification is a great tool to help you win back old customer, increase sales, but you should not be so overused on it. You know, like you customers do not like bothering, use smart to get good.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017



When managing the website, the size of the entire website source code contributes very important to operating the website for a long time in the future. For example, if the total site size is low, moving the website to other servers is easier, or the data backup is fast without problems. On the contrary, the capacity is too high compared to the actual size of the website will cause many difficulties, especially the backup will be much harder.
However, I do support for how many times many of you do the website without thinking about optimizing the source code in the right way so there are many cases where the website is not much data that the total content Reached up to a dozen GB. In this article I will share a little about what to know and should do with the website to save space but still ensure does not affect the operation of the website.


WordPress has a powerful image manager and I encourage people to upload photos directly to the host of the website for us to reuse or manage, on the one hand also make their images more secure than the. upload to other image hosting services.
However, not every image we upload on the website that need to be optimized before upload. Assuming your image has a resolution of up to 2k, 3k (maximum width) but actually users on the site do not need that, because if the content width on the website is only 800px, your image No matter how sharp it is, it only shows 800px and you want to see the full click on it, but this is only for high quality websites like photography websites, wallpaper. With website sales, the image should only have a maximum width of 1000px because that is enough for customers to see the product, if it is too slow then the website is really losing customers than it is. small.
Next is sometimes the image size is too high compared to the quality of it needed to display on the website. So before uploading you should reduce the image size properly, reduce the capacity sometimes image quality will be difficult to see the difference with the naked eye so you do not need to worry. You can install the EWWW Image Optimizer, WP Smush plugin or more, invest $ 5 / month using Kraken as yourself to optimize images when you upload to the website.
And finally, take control of the self-generated image files of WordPress that we sometimes do not need, on how to handle self-generated images and remove unused images. Treat your WordPress image as a full set.


Backup website data for the purpose of restoring your website data when the data is corrupted or the current host has problems can not access but need to move the website data through another host. So then we save the backup on the host itself is running the site is almost nonsense, but also dangerous to waste the host.
You should keep these backups in safe places like cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3 (recommended) because your computer is not sure it is safe and stable. More than the host, the other great service is that they are very reputable and almost impossible to interrupt.
Do not think that when backing up we will download the backup and upload to the other services, time consuming. You can use the BackWPUp plugin or BackupBuddy to back it up and upload it yourself to the other hosting services as quickly as possible.


In addition to backup, log files or log access (host log) on the host is the main culprit of the resource consumption of the host. For the error log website, we sometimes do not need to save the log continuously because there is always need to see log error, but only when debug to find fault or patch will need to pop up. If you do not want the webserver to log the error logs on your website, simply add the following to wp-config.php (preferably for the top, below <?php).
Next, make sure you set WP_DEBUG is false wp-config.php to disable debugging. And delete the .log or error_log  file on the host if there is.
For access logs we can not turn off using Shared Host, but if we use our own server, we can disable it by deleting the access log statement in the webserver setup file.


Many plug-ins save unnecessary data in the wp-content directory such as plugin log files or temporary files. In the wp-content directory, except for the cache directory and the image, we should not add anything here.


If you have a lot of video sites, it's best to upload them to YouTube if you do not need to hide your videos. Or if your video needs to pay for a new viewer, the more you should not upload to the host running WordPress because regular players can be easily downloaded through the support software like Internet Download Manager is the typical example, instead. You can use Wistia or SproutVideo to prevent download.
As for the compressed files for others to download, you can upload to hosting services such as Mega.co.nz, Fshare or paint to find a cheap server service but have high hard drive to upload and For users to download there.


Database also uses the hard drive on the host to save, which means that the larger the database, the more storage capacity, and when backing up the entire website it will save to the backup so the capacity will be huge. I have just witnessed a WordPress site using Woocommerce with a database up to 4GB and the data is now 3.7GB junk, this is completely true.
Be sure to optimize your database's wp_options table so that it does not contain a lot of junk data, and you should also manually clean the database periodically so that your data is smooth. The longer your database is, the harder it is to optimize.
If you use WooCommerce then check the wp_options table is large, if so, because it contains many unused session and transient, run the following command several times to clean up.
DELETE FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` LIKE ('_transient%') ORDER BY `option_id` LIMIT 20000;
DELETE FROM `wp_options` WHERE `option_name` LIKE ('_wc_session_expires%') ORDER BY `option_id` LIMIT 20000;

If your database is large then you should run this command many times, because you should limit it to delete every 20000 lines to avoid stuck host by MySQL processing too much.
Currently the database of thachpham.com is exactly 32MB, I have not deleted the data not used in wp_postmeta anymore. Say so so you understand that WordPress does not eat as many databases as you think.


The content above I have also seen the optimization of the website size is not too complex as we think, but the benefits of it is very large, because you certainly will not be able to save the website on. Same with a host for a long time that may need to move to another place, and light data will help us do things faster and simpler.

How big is the source code of thachpham.com? Exactly 800MB uncompressed, compressed tar.gz format is still more than 700MB.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

In October, Wordpress released the new beta version of wp 4.9 beta 1 and 2, to test its features before the official release in November. If version 4.8 of wordpress is mainly on adding new widgets, improve links in posts and add new dashboards for recent events, with version 4.9, wordpress will focus on improving customization. Here are the new customizations of version 4.9 over version 4.8

Custom Upgrade

Draft function and scheduler

Most notably in custom upgrades is saving drafts and scheduling posts. According to that, in addition to saving the draft as before, the new customization of wp allows you to save drafts as a regular post, It is quite useful for you when editing posts and restoring posts if the edit is broken.
What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

In addition to that, the post calendar feature makes it possible to prepare ahead of schedule in case you can not post continuously. you can use this feature to prepare an event

menu initialization

What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

This feature is added based on feedback from many users, Now you can easily add custom menus right next to customize quickly.
Version 4.9 is updated support for MySQL server connected to IPv6 and core update with unit compatible with new update of PHP 7.2. in addition, wordpress has also enhanced the protection of users from defects from editing the theme or plugins that they install by warnings when they activate the first Theme or Plugin edit,
What’s New In Wordpress Version 4.9 ?

 in addition, many other updates help to manage and use your wordpress more convenient.

last words

After the release of beta 1, wordpress has received many comments to improve, so the beta of 4.9 beta 2 has been released with over 70 edits from beta 1. You can download wp 4.9 beta 1 to experience as well as contribute comments for wordpress to complete this version 4.9.
Since this is still experimental, I recommend not running it on your business website to avoid the unwanted consequences.
Official WordPress 4.9 update is scheduled to ship on November 14, 2017.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Auto Reply Facebook Messnger-Best Way Collection Customer Data

Auto Reply Facebook Messnger-Best Way Collection Customer Data

You probably have at least once commented on a any sales fanpage, and almost immediately there will be a comment from the fanpage owner replying to you. do not have to owner fanpage reply to you that, is FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY, because not everyone has time for you to comment and reply to you.
We go back to the main content! If you have ever sold t-shirts with teespring or running ads on facebook for sale, you probably realize that people comment on your facebook post more than 70% who are interested or intend to buy the product you are marketing. You can get dozens of comments daily, and if you run a daily ad you can get a few hundred comments, these are the most potential customers you can not ignore.
As usual, you will reply to each comment, but if the customer commented at times that you are not online, then how ? That's when FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY will save you and win back customers for you by way auto reply comment facebook.
There are many cases where you can use FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY. For example:
In case you are wanting to do marketing on facebook "by the mass effect" you can use FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY.
In other cases, you are running an ad related to the code, want to send a coupon or voucher for the customer incentives as they comment, you can still use FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY to do this.
Or in this case, you are wanting to hold an event on the fanpage, want the customer to leave a comment, after they comment you will actively inbox them immediately thanks (with product promotion) you still have can use Facebook Auto Reply.
There are many cases where you can use Facebook Auto Reply to marketing your business, not only can auto reply comment facebook which it still can auto reply facebook messenger add more creativity to your Facebook marketing.
Facebook Auto Reply also has the ability to customer data collection to increase the ability to sell to you, this is what we will talk about later.
Now, we will talk to about function auto reply comment facebook and auto reply facebook messenger of this plugin, Especially the facebook auto reply messenger function.

Auto Responder's Feature of AUTO REPLY FACEBOOK

Auto Reply Facebook Messnger-Best Way Collection Customer Data

Yes, the name of the FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY, This plugin will help you auto reply comment facebook and auto reply facebook messenger. When someone comments on your post they will receive an automated message whether you have an online facebook or not (maybe you know already).
In addition,FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY can also auto reply facebook messenger in your inbox.
Unlike plugins or other applications, the function auto reply comment faebook of this pluign Can be linked to customer dialog box. Meaning that when the customer comments on your post, they will receive an automatic comment, and in their inbox will also receive a message.
There are many cases where you can use this feature of the FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY.
You can use this plugin to respond to comments when you are not online.
For example, when someone text you when you are not online, you can use it to auto reply facebook messenger for them.
You can use function auto reply comment facebook and auto reply facebook messenger to create marketing campaigns for you.
Or you can use auto reply facebook messenger to market to your customers, by automatically sending them a message ..... much more.
Auto Reply Facebook Messnger-Best Way Collection Customer Data

Auto reply facebook the best way customer data collection

Auto Reply Facebook Messnger-Best Way Collection Customer Data

As I mentioned earlier, the FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY has the capability of the customer data collection.
Understanding your customers is an advantage for you, but to understand them requires you to analyze the location, behavior, and how you customer data collection. Once you understand who your customers are, what their preferences are, how their shopping behaviors are ... you can offer good marketing tactics for sales.
Such customer data collection is the most important key in your marketing campaign If no customer data means you are marketing in a non-directional way.
Use FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY, not only you can auto reply comment facebook and auto reply facebok messenger but you can also customer data collection for you to prepare well your next marketing strategy.
Note:FACEBOOK AUTO REPLY is great, right? But do not overdo it, because no customer likes to be disturbed.
You can also combine with create a viral post and facebook messenger bulksender to improve your marketing effectiveness, save money running ads on facebook.
Wish you have a great experience with this plugin.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

How to Increase facebook interaction- Create a viral post on facebook

How to Increase facebook interaction- Create a viral posr on facebook

In the post I created a viral post I mentioned how to create a viral post on facebook to save money running facebook ads.
In this article, also with the topic of creating viral poston facebook to save money running ads, I will guide you how to Increase facebook interaction, If you do not know how to create a viral post on facebook you can read it here.

Create a viral post- client want to like and share your posts on facebook

How to Increase facebook interaction- Create a viral posr on facebook

The essence of running ads on facebook is to make your post reach more people on the news feed, and in return for facebook help you reach the many friends you have to pay for facebook.
create a viral post also has the same approach to many people, but instead of paying for facebook you will make people share your post, and the more people share your post, the more people will reach your post.
Only using facebook spiderlink can you easily and ultra-simple create a viral post on facebook.
As a matter of fact you have an article or a post on your facebook product and you want more people to know it. Use facebook spiderlink to help articles reach people on facebook how to create an action, in that action you will hide the article link that you want viral (because facebook spiderlink allows you to hide the link specifically) so you have created a viral post then. For example, you want more people to reach your product article, you create an action such as "press the share button to be able to receive gifts". So your product has been sharing the name of the person's page and is seen by many people.

Create a viral post on facebook- Increase facebook interaction

How to Increase facebook interaction- Create a viral posr on facebook

create a viral post on facebook also just let people know you, the job of making multiple people share your post is the main responsibility of this plugin. In addition, you can Increase facebook interaction to build your brand, make customers like and comment posts, increase facebook interaction is also very simple, it is like you make customers like and share your posts.
Increase facebook interaction will help you improve the business situation, help to develop the business.
In addition, Increase facebook interaction also helps the owner of the fan page is known, and help SEO rank well.

Last words

Using facebook spiderlink to create a viral post on facebook is absolutely wonderful, but do not overdo it, do not spoil your image.
Please create a viral post on facebook to bring the best results for your business.

Be the first to grab this tool while your competitors haven’t heard about it!

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