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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wordpress installation guide for newbie

In this article, HATACHI NARA will guide you to install wordpress in the fastest way including the most necessary installation steps.
I and you start together!

Prepare host and domain

Want to install wordpress, you first need to have a host and domain, These two are required to buy, if not you should try to find out if you want to install wordpress. As soon as you have a domain, you must point it to the host, so the preparation step.

How to install wordpress fastest

Usually in the cPanel X panel (the popular panel type when you buy a host), it has a built-in WordPress feature.

You have to log into cPanel then scroll down to find the Softaculous and Apps Installer and click on the wordpress icon.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
softaculous and apps installer

Then you press the install button at the top.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
the install button at the top.

Next, select the domain you want to install and set up.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
install and setup

After setting up your domain, you will have a domain name such as hatachi.com for example. And when people type in the domain name, your site will show up. And at the bottom you will see an item named In directory that you can enter anything in, but I advise you to leave that section blank.

In the Database Name field enter the name of the database you want it to automatically create, you should remember this database to avoid deleting the database in the MySQL Database management page in cPanel.

In the Database Setting section, leave it blank, ie keep wp_.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page you will be set parameters such as website name, description, email and administrator account. This is the sample I entered.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
site settings

Then you can click the install button to install and wait a few seconds, until this image appears like this.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
Notification of successful installation

In this it shows the website path and login path to the admin page.

Now i and you go to the administration page and log in with the information you created earlier.

Install the necessary settings for the wordpress site.

After installing wordpress you should install the necessary settings for the website to make the site work better.

To install the settings menu, select General.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie

Reset the time zone accordingly, reset the date.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie

Reset the time zone accordingly, reset the date.

When you set the date and time then you do not forget to save seve changes. Continue through the permalinks and structure as shown below.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie

Continue to select Media and Setup.
Wordpress installation guide for newbie
Set up Media to save host capacity

Ok, the necessary steps are considered finished.

Install a new theme.

After installing the basic setup steps. If you are not interested in the theme that wordpress has, you can proceed to install other theme to fit your field.
For newbie you should read article 10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017 to choose a suitable theme that is free.

Install plugins for wordpress

A wordpress website will not stand out and powerful without the theme and plugins for wordpress support, so after you install theme you should install some plugins for your wordpress website.

Examples of plugins needed for wordpress like yoast SEO, contact form 7, plugins live chat,….,

Last words

Here comes almost what you need to do to have a wordpress site, you should find more plugins support for wordpress to boost the power of your wordpress site.

Do not forget to visit other WordPress related forums at HATACHI NARA for the best tips and experience using WordPress.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017

You have installed wordpress. The next thing you need to do is find and install a theme that fits your idea, Like plugins for wordpress, themes and plugins are two things that create the soul and power of wordpress.

There are many plugins needed for plugins for wordpress, one of them is plugins live chat, see more The Best Messenger Plugins For Wordpress In 2017.

Back to the main issue, talking about theme for wordpress you have two choices is a free theme and paid theme. When you use premium theme you have a lot of things, such as full documentation, powerful features and support when you have difficulty.
It does not mean that free themes are not good, many vendors are very generous when launching the theme version limited features than the paid version but it is beautiful and optimized SEO good. If you are a beginner and do not have much budget, the free theme for website wordpress is a great choice for you. You will notice this in a collection of free beautiful WordPress themes in today's article.


Sydney is a wordpress theme for business free but it is extremely beautiful, professional like no other paid version. The theme highlights with slide image and simple design

salient features

600 fonts from Google Font
Integrated social buttons
Header style static image or slider
Responsive layout
Parallax background
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017


Shoplsle is a theme for sales people, it features a fullscreen slide show interface and a neat design.

salient features

Contact form
Easy to translate into other languages
Responsive design
Compatible with Woocommerce
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017


The free WordPress theme is suitable for business, portfolio, startup and freelance websites. OnePress has a gorgeous design with parallax effects and beautiful animations.

salient features

Support Woocommerce
Parallax effect
2 background slide
Hero section
Responsive design
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017


Colormag is a free theme for magazines, themes are beautifully designed and sophisticated with visual structure

salient features

1 custom menu
Optional boxed or wide layout
6 social buttons
Over 15 widget areas and 5 custom widgets
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017

AccessPress Parallax

AccessPress Parallax is a free wordpress theme, featuring a one-page theme and subtle Parallax effects, The theme is very diverse for every field, You can use it for any field you want.

salient features

SEO Friendly
There are separate theme options
Multiple layouts for the header
There are advanced configurations for post
Responsive design
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017
accsesspress paralax


Astrid is a free wordpress theme for business people, it is suitable for site introductions with full screen theme design and theme option integrated into Customizer.

salient features

Many customizable widgets for building pages
Optional color
Portfolio section
Woocommerce compatibility
Responsive design
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017


Spacious is a free multi-functional theme with neat and beautiful interface. You can use it to showcase your business, portfolio, blog or any other website you like.

salient features

12+ widget area
Optimized speed
Customizable theme built into customizer
5+ custom widgets
SEO optimization
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017


Zillah is a free wordpress theme for bloggers and writers, the special feature of this theme is to make bloggers and bloggers with simple and sophisticated design. The friendly and modern theme is a great experience for the reader, surely bloggers will love it.

salient features

Slider section highlighted full-width
SEO Friendly
Author Box in each article
Unlimited color
Live Customizer
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017


Bento is a free versatile WordPress theme with lots of customization options and powerful feature sets that allow anyone to create professional-looking websites. You can use this theme to create any type of website you want from personal blog, corporate site to corporate portal site and online sales site.

salient features

Theme Options Panel with loads of settings
Ready to translate into another language
Flexible grid layout
Woocommerce Interaction
Visual Content Builder
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017


Add another wordpress theme for small businesses, theme with full screen layout and beautiful interface with parallax scrolling effect.

salient features

Parallax effect
Social icon
The interface is minimalist and subtle
10 most beautiful free wordpress theme 2017


last word

Here are 10 free themes for wordpress websites, those who are using wordpress web for any field should know and use, not just because for its free nature, these themes are really good.
For those who are using woocommerce should read 10 very beautiful themes for woocommerce on wordpress,if you want perfection and professional.


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)

Do you feel your website needs a feature that allows members to talk to each other publicly like facebook messen for wordpress or facebook live chat for wordpress but are afraid of wasting resources for live chat features? Or chatting services, but it limits the number of chat sessions or the interface of the chat box is too bad.

If you are still concerned with that I would suggest you a live chat service named spot.im, with many divine features, unlimited support and the ability to create many different chat boxes that completely free.
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)
display Spot.im
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)

Features of spot.im

Also similar to other plugisn chat like facebook messenger for wordpress, spot.im has the following features
-There is no limit to the number of participants
-Unlimited chat limit
-Forum is not limited
-Report sound to
-There is a separate area for administrators
-Can send pictures when chatting
-Create a pine note
-Allows you to set your own logo
-It could be a color variation for the interface you like
-Allows you to create private discussion forums
-Sign up for quick registration through social channels
-As easy as plugins live chat for wordpress
You do not see it great, it's free but full of features as a paid plugins live chat
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)
box chat of spot.im

Start with spot.im

First you visit the https://www.spot.im website and register your account quickly, where you can sign in with various accounts such as facebook, google plus, twiter, linkedin and create a spot. It is very simple and fast and does not require much time and effort, You will see the Embed Code button below, you can put that code at the bottom of the footer.php file in the theme you are using or use the SpotIM plugin they provide and fill in your Spot ID (click on the button for WordPress User next to Embed Code button is see Spot ID) is complete.
So you have finished the installation and created a spot to chat then, now you can say the trip to the visitor outside the website then.
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)
Login with social network accounts
Spot.Im live chat professional for website. (Free)
seting spot

Unlike facebook live chat, facebook messenger for wordpress ... can only be used for wordpress. Spot.im is not just a wordpress service, it can be used on any website, as it is just an embedded javascript code on the web, hopefully it will grow in the future and there will be More but more unique features, now I am quite satisfied with it as a free service but full of features of a plugins live chat

For those who need professional and perfect (Used for wordpress website sales) you can read article 10 best live chat plugins you should have for wordpress for information. Surely it will bring you great experiences with customers.

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The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
Facfebook messenger for wordpress help increaseconversion  rate, why not ?
Resons to uese facebook messenger app for wordpress  
Instructions to install and use facebook messenger for wordpress.
Contact form 7 multi-step for wordpress.

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facebook live chat for wordpress
Facebook messenger for wordpress.
Contact form 7 muilti-step for wordpress.
Woocommerce for wordpress.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017

In the past few years, with the development of wordpress blogging, followed by the introduction and development of wordpress plugins from contact form 7, woocommerce, .... , to live chat for wordpress or messenger facebook for wordpress. A lot of plugins have been created and developed. So today I only list best wordpress plugins for wordpress, and the other plugins will be mentioned later.

1.WP Facebook Messenger

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
WP facebook messenger for wordpress

WP Facebook Messenger is a wordpress plugin for it will make it easy for customers to find your business, so you do not miss out on any potential customers. In addition, it is suitable for woocomerce display anytime anywhere with shortcode, receive notifications immediately, increase the number of visitors visit your site, unlimited color, friendly to use Use and more ....

2.Giga Messenger – Express.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
giga messenger - express

Gige Messenger brings the convenience of an enhanced messenger, creating the bot from your own chat, it helps bnajman manage potential customers to plan your marketing without any hassle. It is not just a chat plugins but it can be said that it is also a marketing tool for your website. It has powerful functions, friendly and easy to use .....

3.Messengerbot for woocommerce.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
messengerbot for woocommerce

This plugin gives you the ability to send customer's order notification via the Facebook Messenger API. The following messages are supported: Order Receipt Change Order Status Order Orders Track information for the AfterShip Tracking Plugin and "WooCommerce Shipping Tracking"

4.Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
facebook live chat for wordpress

It is also a plugins support for chatting online, it makes it easy for potential customers to find your business through facebook messenger FEATURES 1.0, The friendly interface, superior features are easy to help you easily support customers quickly, helping you get a large number of potential customers.

5.Facebook Live messenger.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
facebook live messenger

Direct chat and meet all your needs by using a direct messeger facebook, which is a free plugins, designed to automatically change the size, chat title and location of the message, like Merge most androi OS, desktop OS desktop ...

6.Facebook Messenger For Wordpress.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
facebook messenger for  wordpress

Is a plugins that makes it easy for customers to access and chat with your business, using Messenger Facebook directly, helping you increase conversions from regular customers through leads. Use it as a live help app, multilingual, timeline support and events ......

7.Facebook Messenger Live Chat.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
facebook messenger live chat

Support your customers through Facebook live chat directly on your own site, Facebook Messenger has over 800 million monthly active users, free, save conversation history, up to 20 additional tools. Marketing is free and free on your website to increase your sales and attract more subscribers.


The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017

Icegram is the best plugins to create nice optins and buttons that call for action clients, displaying them for targeted visitors, and converting them to targeted customers and fanpages, so automatically when using icegram You do not have to get any developer to develop it, you can easily set it up in minutes without any programming knowledge, it's easy.

9.woocommerce products filter.

The Best Messenger Plugins For WordPress in 2017
woocommerce products filter

The woocommerce products filter is a plug-in developed based on woocommerce. It allows you and your clients to filter products by: categories, labels, attributes, custom divisions, and prices. Maximum flexibility will be most pleasurable when using the woocommerce products filter.

Beyond the facebook messenger for wordpress you can also use facebook live chat plugins for wordpress to chat directly and support  with customers on your website

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Links for "plugins for wordpress" FREE

link plugins for wordpress FREE

Facebook Messenger for WordPress

Facebook Ads with $0:
Step1: Set Messenger for WordPress
Step2: Exploit this Facebook audience by Messenger Bulksender

Facebook Live Chat for WordPress

Facebook Ads with $0:
Step1: Set Live Chat for WordPress
Step2: Exploit this Facebook audience by Messenger Bulksender

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step

Maybe you'd be interested in this newly-released Contact Form 7 Multi-step for FREE

                                                          Contact Form 7 Database

Check out our 4th free plugin for WordPress community. It'd be useful for websites with large database

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Contact form 7 multi-step for wordpress.

contact form7 multi-step
interface contact form 7 multi-step

In your website, everything is perfect, but your contact form is complex, lengthy, unfriendly to your website visitors, which you know, when customers look at a complex form. Spilled and not reduce their buying needs. However, do not worry about this article. Will introduce you a plugins to help out the form of simple and clean friendly  help for your website visitors. But do not worry about this article I will introduce you a plugin to help you provide simple and clean help to your website visitors.
It's the  contact form multi-step. Let's explore together.

what is the contact form 7 multi-step?

contact form 7 multi-step
inside contact form 7 multi-step

Contactform 7 multi-step plugins support additional steps for complex forms in your website, it is the best solution to keep your forms simple and clean, creating a visitor-friendly experience, more than that, it's easy to use and just a simple operation is possible to master a new form, also with one simple step, you can further customize or delete the information field you want, It's extremely easy to use, created to help everyone create a new form yourself without any programming knowledge. Because of this, when using contact form 7 multi-step it will help you get the information fully, accurately and simply.


Contact form 7 will be completely customizable regardless of whether you want to change it to suit your requirements.
It's designed with a simple user interface contact form 7 multi-step that first makes you quick to get used to the plugin.
Be prepared with useful materials available to solve any problems you may encounter.
The available tags allow you to sort emails based on their importance.


contact form 7 multi-step
install contact form7 multi-step

Manual installation is easy and takes less than one minute.

Download the plugin from ninjateam.com, unpack it and upload the [Contact Form 7 Multi-Step] folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.
Go to your Contact Form in WordPress left menu > Contact to add step tag and click Save Changes button.
Done. Enjoy.
It's simple, right

Note: If you don’t have Contact Form 7 just yet. You can download here

A simple and clean form, which can be typed into the shopping cart, makes them more informative in the form, increasing the conversion rate.

interface of contact form 7 multi-step by ninjateam.org

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