Friday, November 17, 2017

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

at a typical cost to get a new customer, it is not surprising that more and more e-commerce retailers are disappointed with the rising cost of advertising, but not the effect.
However, the truth is many online retailers have done little to win back lost customers or win back old customers, because I can assure you that old customers are a great source of sales.
Online retailers only focus on increasing traffic, spending more money to get higher rankings, more clicks. And they spend a lot of money on advertising, converting new visitors into leads, and more.
But they have completely ignored the simplest way to increase sales thanks to the win back old customer, but do you know that win back old customers have the opportunity to switch from 60 to 70%?. A customer who has purchased from you two times is likely to convert nine times more than a potential customer when they have not purchased from you.
Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

So how can you ensure that you can win back old customer? And How to make sure that customers are interested and buy new products from you again?
It is very simple, just create a push facebook notification, also known as win back old customer campaign by push notiffication on facebook. And thanks to the customer data that this plugin collects, you can create a customer-directed marketing campaign on the product you are selling.

What is campaign “create a push facebook notification-win back old customer” ?

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

Perhaps you still do not understand, What is campaign createa push facebook notification, win back old customer?
Simply, you market your products to old customers by creating push notifications on facebook to let your customers see. Notice the small red as you often see and click on it unconsciously every time you online FB. How to create a facebook push notification I have a post then, you can read it again.
The great push facebook notification is that it can help your product reach 100% of the old customers you are targeting, So win back old customer with push notifications facebook can save you a lot of money running the ads, but still increase sales for you.

Win back old customer by client data

Create a push facebook notification-win back old customer.

Now you have the plugin that can create a push facebook notification, but customer data is not available for you to create a campaign. Do not worry, this plugin is capable of collecting customer data for you, you will always have old customer data to prepare for successful marketing campaigns.
Also you can use createa viral post on facebook and facebookauto reply to be able to expand customer data for your own.
The simple operation of this plugin can help you master the win back old customer campaigns to bring more efficiency in bringing product information to your customers. win back old customer increases revenue while still saving money running ads for you. why do not you try ?
Note: Create a push facebook notification is a great tool to help you win back old customer, increase sales, but you should not be so overused on it. You know, like you customers do not like bothering, use smart to get good.

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