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what is woocommercer ?

what is woocommercer ?

We all know well, with the power of wordpress  it can make any kind of website thanks to the flexibility of the source code, as well as the API library available. But do not talk about self-writing code, it means, you probably do not know anything about the code at all, However, there will be a plugins that can help you make a sales site for all areas in wordpress website named woocomerce.

What is a woocomercer?

what is woocommercer ?

Just like facebook live chat for wordpress or facebookmessenger for wordpress are powerful tools to boost the wordpress website, Woocommerce is a free plugins, used to create the best small business eCommerce today in wordpress. It, like other plugins, adds functionality to the website, but it adds nearly all functionality that a simple sales page needs.
what is woocommercer ?

Woocommerce has major functions like

  • Create a product with regular format, product has attributes, affilate products and digital products.

  • Supports some forms of payment online PayPal, Credit Card, CoD, Cash and there will be more when installing plugins support for own woocommerce.

  • Support for self-calculating product taxes or tax on orders, depending on your adjustments.

  • Support conversion value (if available), there are many different delivery rates  there are many different delivery rates, it will be more versatile when installing the plugin that can calculate delivery prices by weight, size, local, on so on for woocommerce.

  • Professional order management site, order can be filtered through each state.

  • Support for custom display templates to manually reconfigure the shop and product template, which is very beneficial for programmers.

  • There are themes and extensions available that can turn a regular sales page into a professional sales site.

  • And there are so many cool features you should experience it yourself.
what is woocommercer ?

Woocommerce can be selected for those who need to make a simple shop page on their WordPress website to introduce products and allow customers to order online for more convenient sales.
This is just a prelude to a series of practical experiences when using woocommerce, In the following, I will guide you to use the features of woocommerce to make a professional website of your choice.
In addition, I will share some strings and use some important extensions, popular to add to the great features. My will talk about a number of programming problems in Woocommerce as search through template structure, hook and use the hook of it to upgrade options.
what is woocommercer ?
Admin page interface

My will talk about a number of programming problems in Woocommerce as search through template structure, hook and use the hook of it to upgrade options in customizing the display of woocommerce if you want more advanced.
So you should learn about basic wordpress. also, you should see what is the action hook ? and what is the filter hook ?
what is woocommercer ?

Last words

About woocommerce is an additional tool for wordpress, which increases the power of wordpress it will help us to make a sales page with the necessary basic functions right on your existing wordpress website without having to use a specialized source code .

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