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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


In the design of website standards Responsive, checking the interface on different devices is always necessary to ensure our website interface is always displayed well on all interfaces. Of course, few people use each device to check the interface of the website because not everyone has all the equipment, use the browser support tools like Viewport Resizer, ResponSinator.com to check, or even manual testing by freely stretching the browser.
However, with the support tools mentioned above can not compare to the actual quality when displayed on the actual device. Installing the phone simulator is very heavy machine and very time consuming.
In recent times I accidentally learned a new browser, very cool, very divine, very heady, it serves only for testing and debugging websites on phone devices, which is the Blisk browser.


This is a browser designed specifically for web designers aiming to debug interfaces on many different devices such as smart phones, tablet, or desktops. But it is not the same with conventional testing techniques is shrink film, it will completely emulate the display on the phone, you can directly directly to smart phone with the browser blisk and most importantly, use a separate Inspect Element to debug, support live reload.

Debug with Inspect Element


The difference between blisk and other testing tools is that blisk allows us to debug our own emulator interface with a separate Inspect Element. This means that when you right-click on the Inspect Element icon in your phone, you'll debug separately for the phone interface, and similarly on the desktop interface.

Auto Refresh (a.k.a Live Reload)

Speaking of live reload, we have a lot of options such as live reload, grunt, gulp to do, but if the browser is available star not use to save time and effort.
You can select the directory to watch it and then any code changes of any file in that directory will blisk automatically reload the page.

Scroll Sync

This feature will automatically turn on in Blisk, which will allow us to slide the website simultaneously on both devices for example, if you hover your mouse over the browser's emulator browser and scroll the page, both devices scroll. You can still disable this feature if you feel it inconvenience.

Features of Blisk

The feature will allow users to capture your website right in the browser.
A feature very well liked by the web designer and expect of Blisk, this feature helps you statistically javascript errors on your website, monitor website speed to optimize, compatibility Checker in all browsers and even non-loadable resources (CSS, images, font.on so on ...)
In addition to web tracking, Blisk also hopes to provide some support to improve the speed of work for each project, so Integrations is a feature that meets that expectation.  This feature allows users to track the bug and manage the progress of each project as a Project Management System.

So Blisk has a function for anything else ?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is a browser dedicated to the web sesigner or front-end designer so its features are just that much and I think that too is enough for the needs of these two objects already. In the future Blisk will have to improve what else we have to track can know.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The use of images for the website is unavoidable because of the need to use images for the website everyone has. But the downside is that when uploading it will be quite a waste of bandwidth and bandwidth if you have a huge archive, not to mention, if you use wordpress, the mechanism of producing a lot of different images will make you spend a lot of space. So if you are using image uploads directly on the host, you may want to consider downloading and optimizing images in this article.

Which image format does the website use?

To take advantage of the best image and avoid using the wrong format can slow down your website then you should determine the need to use the most suitable format.

Often the images we use on our website are GIF, PNG-8, or PNG-24 and JPEG formats. Each image format has a different purpose, which I summarize as follows:
GIF: used for the purpose of downloading animation to the web.
PNG-8: Used for high-resolution and sharper images, but only in RBG color combinations.  It supports transparent images, not background.
PNG-24: Use for high-resolution images and multi-color support.
JPEG / JPG: Normal image format, which can reduce image quality, supports many color images. But it does not support animations and photos.
If the image is not blurry, use PNG-8 instead of JPEG. For quality between JPEG and PNG, PNG will have better image quality.

When to use JPEG images?

If you have high-resolution color images, use JPEGs because of the gradients, many colors will help you achieve better image quality but the capacity will be lower than PNG and GIF

When to use PNG images?

PNG will have PNG-8 and PNG24. PNG-8 is an image format similar to PNG-24, but can be used in some cases to replace JPEG as a transparent image or as a color-coded image.
Also, if you want high quality, high quality still images, then use PNG-24 because it is a lossless image compression format, JPNG is lossy so it will lose some quality. However, However, I think you should switch to using PNG-24 if you do not need to use animation, then use the capacity reduction tools to get a lighter image that is much better quality than JPEG. That's why HATACHI NARA now uses PNG images, if it's made by the camera itself.

Comparison between PNG and JPEG

Here are two photos taken with the Snagit 12 software and saved in JPEG and PNG-24 format, you see and evaluate the difference it.
JPEG 45kb

PNG 13kb

Compress the image before uploading to the website

You should reduce the number of images before uploading to the website if you do not have the need to keep the maximum quality If a compressed image is original, you can save up to 70-80% of capacity, but the quality is almost unchanged if you use the naked eye. Note: With PNG you will be able to compress better, JPEG will be compressed less because it is already compressed.

The best compression applications

Caesium: for Windows this software helps you to compress common images like PNG, JPEG, and BMP which can compress multiple images at one time into a folder, and it's free.
ImageOptim: for Mac This is an app that I quite like on mac and I usually use it to compress images for posts, it supports the compression of some common image formats such as JPEG, PNG and GIF.  it is both lightweight and cost-effective.
PngOptimizer: for Windows is a small and very convenient fmootj application.
Kraken: for Web

If you need fast image compression, good compression and support for image size reduction, then kraken will be quite suitable for you. You can also compress directly from a live link, or compress all the images in a website with Page Cruncher.

Compress images on WordPress

If you are using wordpress and need to compress the images you have uploaded to the library then you can use the following plugin to compress the image.
EWWW Image Optimizer:  This plugin supports decompression quite well, and supports most image formats, It lets you automatically extract the pictures when you upload or compress them directly in your photo library.
And another reason you should use these plugins is that it supports you compress the entire image on the host via the WP-CLI command. So if you are using a server with the same WP-CLI, then install this plugin into the wordpress directory and type wp help ewwwio optimize to see the tutorial.
WP Smush: The functionality of the WP Smush plugin is the same as EWWW Image Optimizer, allows you to automatically compress when uploading and compressing images directly in the gallery, it is slightly more compact and easy to use.
Kraken: If you like paying for better images, do not waste a lot of server resources, can use the services of kraken, supports lossless or lossy image compression options but you pay at least $ 5 per month.

Reduce image size

A photo too big or too heavy to upload to the website it will waste bandwidth and server hard drive space. For example, if you are not a photographer or post a background image of the computer, a background image you post on the website should be only 1024px width, if it's too big then the user will probably see better, maybe they have to click on the photo and zoom up to see it all.

Last words

Why optimize the image on the website is important and so interesting? simply put, if you do not optimize, you will add more traffic to your store spend more bandwidth you will spend more money to rent a host. In addition, large images will make the page load slow, The use of images on the website properly also contribute to accelerate the website better.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

install and customize facebook spiderlink

What are the precedents that introduce facebook spiderlink and facebook spiderlink can promote sales for your business.
facebook spiderlink is a great plugin, it's no longer a tab.
Today I will guide you to install and customize this plugin so that it can help your business the most effective.

 Buy facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin.

Since facebook spiderlink that a commercial plugin, so there will be no free version, so you have to buy it
You can buy facebook spiderlink here
First go to https://codecanyon.net/ and find the plugin using the keyword "facebook spiderlink".
install and customize facebook spiderlink

Then you click on the search and it will take you to another page, here you will see a spiderman icon, you click and click the word facebook spiderlink icon
install and customize facebook spiderlink

It brings you to another page, here you will find places to sell facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin, If you need this plugin to increase sales of your business then cilck into "buy now", If you do not need it you should stop here.
install and customize facebook spiderlink

So you have completed the purchase of this plugin, now just install and use it.

Install faceook spiderlink wordpress plugin

First in the dashboard you will see the PLUGINS section, you have to click on "plugins" to upload and customize facebook spiderlink.
install and customize facebook spiderlink

After clicking "plugins" you will see "plugins add new"
install and customize facebook spiderlink

and this time you have to click on "add new", you will see “add plugins “ and next it is “upload plugins”. You know, you have to click on the upload plugins and select the facebook spiderlink plugin you bought earlier.
Select the file and then click install now
install and customize facebook spiderlink

install and customize facebook spiderlink

So you have finished installing facebook spiderlink .

Customize facebook spiderlink wordpress plugins

After setting up facebook spiderlink complete you start to customize to be able to use it most effectively.
On the dashboard bar, you will see the spiderlink item, click on it
install and customize facebook spiderlink

Then in the app id, you will see "facebook developers" as pictured below
install and customize facebook spiderlink

Click on it and follow the instructions of facebook.
install and customize facebook spiderlink

Very simple, right.
install and customize facebook spiderlink

After entering facebook developers you must login to your facebook account to be able to customize facebook spiderlink.
After logging in to spiderlink you will see the interface like this, then you are successful.
install and customize facebook spiderlink

After choosing the product, you are comfortable using facebook spiderlink.
video tutorial set up Facebook Secret SpiderLink:

Or click on this link to watch the video:
Be the first to grab this tool while your competitors haven’t heard about it!

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Friday, October 13, 2017

facebook spiderlink wordpress plugins boosts your sales ability

facebook spiderlink wordpress plugins boosts your sales ability

If your business is selling and choosing facebook as marketing channel for sales, and you're having a hard time getting your product information to more people in the Facebook community, or you are spending a lot of money to advertise your content, which is costly to get views, share turns, sales like.
facebook spiderlink wordpress plugins boosts your sales ability

But do not worry, just with this tool you will solve all the problems mentioned above, It is a tool for facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin, a tool for power you can reach many potential customers without spending any advertising costs.

What is the capability of facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin?

You can reach the content to your customers without spending a cost to the advertiser

Currently, Worldwide, more than 1.94 billion active Facebook accounts per monthup 18% over the same period last year. This is to say that facebook is a potential and growing marketing channel, so your job now is to find every way your brand, your information, your product is most well known. And knowing the needs of businesses, the author created facebook spiderlink to serve the need to help content businesses have access to many people.
The main function of facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin is to attract the interaction of people, in order to make content accessible to you all without the expense of advertising. You just create an action for your product content, also encourages people to interact with that content let facebook spiderlink take care.
facebook spiderlink will help your content attract more views, more like, more share. For example if you are an online seller, if your content is a lot of people like, comment and share naturally, the opportunity to sell goods is very high. And such self-interacting sales will reduce the cost of advertising, even without the expense of advertising. Not only that, facebook spiderlink is extremely useful for businesses that want to build a brand and want people to recognize it.

Attracting a lot of interactivity on facebook is very beneficial for you and is also essential for your business whatever your purpose is. you are an advertiser, you can reach the content to your customers without spending a cost to the advertiser. Or if you are an e-commerce, you can also use facebook spiderlink to boost sales.  Or are you a fanpage owner this plugin will also help you get more people to your fanpage, And the views, share or the like for your fanpage is completely natural interaction from facebook users, there is no hacking technique used.
The interesting thing of facebook spiderlink is not just in vietnam it can attract the facebook interaction for you, When used, facebook spiderlink also has the ability to collect information of potential customers such as your name, age, interests, e-mail and much more. With the ability to gather leads, you can increase your sales revenue with the most affordable and affordable campaigns.
Not only that, facebook spiderlink also has the power to expand your ability.
It will help you to improve the trust of your customers by creating a personal touch.
It increases the response rate from customers to your facebook page.
facebook spiderlink encourages your customers to ask questions and get answers.
It helps you get instant feedback from your potential customers.
Share coupons, promotional coupons and optional coupons in the event.
facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin but converted conversion with the way to allow success to customers.
facebook spiderlink wordpress plugins boosts your sales ability

It's a really great plugin, is not it? Get Rid of Your Unproductive Work Habits Once and For All.
Be the first to grab this tool while your competitors haven’t heard about it!
You can buy this plugin here:

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Facebook spider link wordpress plugin

Facebook spider link wordpress plugin

If you are struggling, headache because of finding ways to attract more views, like, comments, you should read this article for reference. In this article I will introduce you a tool called Facebook Spiderlink Wordpress Plugin will help you solve all of the above problems.
Try this restrict content plugin for Facebook to hide your special links. Your fans will have to like and/or comment on your posts to get access to it. Facebook Spiderlink Wordpress Plugin is the best solution for your facebook or your facpage can attract more like, many share many more views….and much more.
Try this restrict content plugin for Facebook to hide your special links. Your fans will have to like and/or comment on your posts to get access to it.

What can facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin do for you ?

Facebook spider link wordpress plugin

If you are a Facebook social networking user, facebook spiderlink will give you the power to do everything. And there are many things that will be very difficult or costly to do so the plugins will help you do it.
So, what can facebook spiderlink help you ?
If you are an advertiser on facebook, this plugin can help your article reach people without having to spend any advertising costs, by helping your post attract more likes and more share, the content of you will be approached naturally.
you are an ecommerce seller and looking a way to boost sales, using facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin is the most optimal solution to this problem. It is still a way to attract so many views, like, and share you will make the content of the product is approached the most naturally, Such thanks can promote sales for your business.
You are trying to build a brand and want more people to recognize it,  Also by attracting many views, share turns and likes for your fanpage, will help people know your brand on facebook. To say that this is a perfect tool to build your brand and make more people your brand.
with suppliers of products, facebook spiderlink can also help you provide your best support to your customers easily, which can increase the credibility of your customers in your business.
If you are the owner of facebook fanpage and are looking for solutions to develop your fanpage, facebook spiderlink is a great solution for you to develop your facepage to everyone.
Also for content creators, who want to build an audience base, The facebook spiderlink plugin can also easily spread your content to more people by engaging, increasing views, increasing share, and increasing the likes for that content.
And the fact that facebook spiderlink can attract interactivity is completely natural, not virtual interaction.
And a very important thing that facebook spiderlink can do for you, And this will also be one thing you would love at this plugin. It is the ability to gather information of potential customers, the author of the facebook spiderlink plugin has quietly added the prospect's ability to gather information as a gift to the user.

facebook spiderlink wordpress plugin provides you power

Facebook spider link wordpress plugin

interactive attract, Facebook spiderlink simply creates the attention of people and encourages them to interact with your content, and encouraging people to interact with your plugin facebook spideerlink content can be easily done as this is its main function.
work with multi-page, It supports multiple pages. You just need a Facebook spiderlink app for various fan pages.
Conversion optimization, Start selling with higher conversion rate by keeping your customers trust you and come back for more!
Maximize your sales revenue, Be the first to strike up conversations & directly give more information to your leads to get more sales.
Improve facebook marketing without advertising, Create posts to drive Facebook users to get involved and boost engagements.
Build your system of collecting leads, Experiment different kinds of posts and choose the sales funnel that work best for your business.
Use new tool at ease, It’s very easy to get it up and running on any fan page!
Rich future combination, You can use this plugin in combination with Facebook Messenger for WordPress or Bulksender to expand your customer base.
Be the first to grab this tool while your competitors haven’t heard about it!
You can buy the facebook spiderlink plugin here:

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

In the previous section we have learned about the capabilities of facebook messenger for wordpress,facebook messenger plugin can help your business improve and increase sales for your business. It also has the ability to help the site get high rankings on the google search engine.
The ability of the facebook messenger for wordpress plugin is great right, so today we learn together the download, installation and usage of it.

download facebook messenger for wordpress

First you go to wordpress.org, next you click on the plugin label
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

 then from the search box on the wordpress site you type the keyword "wp facebook messenger.
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

After typing in the box and clicking search, the site will return many different results, and to select the right facebook messenger forwordpress you select the plugin icon as shown below.
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

Next you click on wp facebook messenger, it will move you to the next page and you will see on the right hand has a blue download button you click to start downloading this plugins facebook messenger.
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

After clicking on the download word you have finished downloading the pluign to the machine, then what to do now is to install and use only.

install facebook messenger for wordpress

First in the dashboard you have to find the plugins, click on the new add,
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

Then you will see the plugin plugin next to the add plugins as shown below
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

click on upload plugin, then click on the file, select the file facebook messenger for wordpress you just downloaded, click install now.
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

So you have finished installing the plugin then
Note that after installing the plugin you should always keep the status Activate to ensure that facebook messenger for wordpress always active.
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

customize facebook messenger for wordpress
In the dashboard you will see settings, you go to it, it will appear a list of settings, we need to select the facebook messenger for wordpress.
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

After clicking on the facebook messenger for wordpress menu, the system will move you to the facebook messenger setting, here you will see the customize items as follows.
download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

  • ·         your facebook fan page URL
  • ·         custom text for button
  • ·         display header cover
  • ·         messenger icon position
  • ·         icon type
  • ·         upload icon or image
  • ·         main color
  • ·         open messenger app button
  • ·         Custom text for open Messenger app button    
  • ·         Language
  • ·         Display
  • ·         Display all pages but except

download and install facebook messenger for wordpress

And now we look more closely at the functions.
Your facebook fan page URL: This is the part you have to fill in your facebook URL or your fan page URL.
Custom text for button: Custom text for the button on WooCommerce product detail page
Display header cover: Select Facebook header cover type on Messenger popup, you will be chosen as hide, heaher small, big header ....
Messenger icon position: position of the plugin facebook messenger, you want it to appear to the top of you you need to chionj position.
Icon type: This part is very handy. You can give the facebook messenger for wordpress display the icon or image of the business.
Upload icon or image: This section requires the URL of the icon or image you want to upload.
Main color: Main color for Messenger icon and button, The color of facebook messenger for wordpress is unlimited.
Open Messenger app button: Use this feature if you want user click to open Messenger app on smartphone (will display a button on Messenger popup)
Custom text for open Messenger app button: Custom text for button open Messenger app.
Language: You can select the display language for facebook messenger plugin.
Display: Select type you want to display Messenger (If it don't display in WooCommerce pages, please make sure you selected 'Display all pages but except' option)
Display all pages but except: Select where you want to display Facebook Messenger.
After you finish setting up, you have to save it. So you can use facebook messenger for wordpress to improve and increase sales for your business then. Because I am using facebook messenger for wordpress plugin so i know it is good for business development, this i can guarantee. Since it's a demo, there are many limitations to using, so I recommend you buy it for use, so you will not be disappointed.
Buy facebook messenger for wordpress here.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Does ip address really affect website ranking?

Recently many have asked me this: IP address of the machine affects the website, or use many websites on a starred IP address, or do the satellite website need another IP address …..With such questions, today we sum up one to answer all these questions.

First, what is an IP address?

For details of this concept you can look at Wikipedia, here I will present in a brief and easy to understand.
In the internet environment, devices will be connected to each other through an address, and these addresses are identified for each device, which is referred to as the IP 

address. For example, when you send an email to someone on the internet, your computer must also determine the IP address to which the person receives the e-mail, but usually we do not type the IP address of the person we want to send, but instead we type in their e-mail address, and their e-mail address has been resolved to the IP address of the receiving server via the domain name server.
With IP addresses, in order to work on the internet they must be issued by the appropriate authority in each geographical area.

Is the ip address associated with the website?

It is obvious that our web sites will be placed on servers in the data centers, and depending on the service, our website will have its own IP address or the same IP address.
For example, if we use a physical server, our website will have a private IP address to connect to that server,and when 

we use the regular web hosting we will have a shared IP address, because the website is placed on the same websever with the same settings. we can not take IP own for hosting if they provide support.
So all of our websites have an IP address to determine which server is hosting it, only we use IP address resolution system to be able to access, through a domain name easy to remember o nly.

So, Why Private IP Is Good For SEO ?

What you mentioned above you can understand yourself that if you use a separate IP for the website.Google will determine that we use our own system, not shared this helps us avoid risks when building multiple sets of satellite websites,to google think this website has a private owner, avoid the penalty of the council.

Or do we assume that websites with the same IP that point to each other are not good, google knows and will consider this to be spam.
However, this has not been documented but just rumors If you have ever used web hosting with generic IP, you can also understand that when using a generic IP the website still has normal rankings, And not be penalized because one of the sites that have the same IP is penalized, a now this has not happened yet.

when using common IP does it affect SEO?

Myself and my colleagues after many years doing SEO and have many website system (main website and satellite website) when using common IP is still normal and still have good rankings If there is an effect, when we transfer server from domestic to abroad and vice versa, in the first week of the term there are ups and downs, which people still call the keyword dance phenomenon. But then things will stay calm if your website is not spam, the backlink to your website is punished google.
My satellite internet sites share an IP address do not want to spend money for something you do not know what help is not for me and even if a website in your satellite system is pushed into a sandbox, the other sites are safe.
However, if you put a website on a Web Hosting service using IP has too many spam websites, the content is perverse, ... will have a little influence.
There are people who think that using their own IP will make their website faster,this is the wrong thing to do, because using a private server can make your website faster, but the IP address alone does not work. Because the role of the IP address is only to identify the device containing that data only.
One more reason to use private IPs is to use a separate SSL certificate (such as a Comodo certificate), But most hosting providers now use cPanel, cPanel now supports SNI, which makes it possible to use individual SSL certificates without the need for a separate IP.
Google itself understands that most internet websites are now using the same IP so this is not necessary. Not to mention that if you use cloulare, it is also using the public IP on their system and this also does not affect SEO.
In general, no matter what anyone says, Matt Cutts said it would be more convincing, you watch the video below.
This issue is not only concerned from now on, but since 2006 Matt Cutts has got a confirmation here: "...there was recently a discussion on a NANOG (North American Network Operators Group) email list about virtual hosting vs. dedicated IP addresses. They were commenting on the misconception that having multiple sites hosted on the same IP address will in some way affect the PageRanks of those sites. There is no PageRank difference whatsoever between these two cases (virtual hosting vs. a dedicated IP).”
And also regarding IP, for the question of using your country domain name, is there any problem on the IP address of another country? Matt Cutts also confirmed that it was ok.

benefit of private IP for website

After what I mentioned above does not mean that private IP is not useful, but if you use Web Hosting does not necessarily need separate IP for each website. The benefit of using private IP on the website is as follows:
The temporary address of the website is in the form http://123.456.78.9/ instead of http://123.456.78.9/~username/ if using Web Hosting.
Not affected if the Web Hosting provider has a general IP change campaign.
It is possible to use individual SSL certificates without SNI technology.
It looks more professional (but who is free to go to see the IP of the website).
By default, when you use a VPS or a dedicated server, you will have IP because these two technologies generally do not support common IPs. But on the server you can hold multiple websites together and those sites will share the same IP.

Now that IPv4 resources are running out, let's take a look at when to use a private IP, when to use a generic IP to avoid wasting resources. And the private IP that affect SEO or not, I myself never believed in this.