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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

5 Reasons Why Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress is The Untapped Potential for Your Business

Most of the trouble with online shopping that businesses are encountering is  many customers are disconnected from people who can answer their queries in real time accurately instead of letting prospects click on their ecommerce web pages many businesses have added their plugins facebook live chatfor wordpress using live chat support, facebook live chat for wordpress plugin can help users to support and talk directly with customers. Help them to provide the most accurate and quick answers that customers want,in this article we will analyze why facebook live chat for wordpress can improve your business and tips on how to optimize its performance.
After downloading and installing facebook live chat for wordpress plugins, we should study how to use the most effective.
Download facebook live chat for wordpress: here

1 facebook Live Chat for wordpress is Convenient for Customers

5 Reasons Why Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress is The Untapped Potential for Your Business

A study called “Making Proactive Chat Work” that was conducted by Forrester Research found the following:
“Many online consumers want help from a live person while they are shopping online; in fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.”
An live chat support  system provides customers immediate access to help. Wait times are often much less than a call center, and customers can easily multi-task while waiting. Additionally, the pain of having to dial a 1-800 number and navigate through a maze of numeric options is non-existent.
study on global consumption trends ATG shows that 90% of customers think that online chat is very useful, and an emarketer.com survey shows that 63% are more likely to return to a website offering live chat.
The report goes on to say: 62% of customers said they were more likely to buy from sites that offered live chat again more than 38% of respondents said they had purchased from the chat session. All these attitudes were even more prevalent among respondents who bought online at least weekly.

2 facebook live chat for wordpress helps reduce business expenses

5 Reasons Why Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress is The Untapped Potential for Your Business

The facebook livechat  for wordpress has proven that it can save employee time and phone expenses.
In addition, it saves a few other things
1.       Direct chat reduces the cost of overall contact center by reducing the average interaction cost.
2.       Increase efficiency by allowing live chat representatives to handle multiple conversations simultaneously and employees spend less time on the phone, they can work more with other conversations. It not only improves the process, it also increases the overall sales opportunity.

3.  Facebook Live Chat for wordpress Increases Sales

5 Reasons Why Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress is The Untapped Potential for Your Business

The general trend of some users in marketing forums and blogs is live chat support on the web can lead to improved sales.
Forbes magazine reported in a recent study: In 2008, Wells Fargo made great efforts to promote online chat to boost sales, satisfaction, and the result was beyond imagination. The level of customer satisfaction soar, increase number of the clients change so much compare to before using facebook  live chat for wordpress .
It is important that customers need someone who can immediately answer their queries. If the customer is confused or have any other questions about the product when the question is answered this will increase the trust of customers in your business help increase conversion rates, motivate customers to buy products.
Website designer Cory Miller of iThemes regularly uses Provide Support for his business, and he has noticed increased opportunities for upselling products. Once customers are engaged with an employee who can understand their needs, the employee is in a perfect position to recommend additional purchases that may be the perfect fit for that particular person.

4. Facebook Live Chat for wordpress Gives You An Edge of Your Competitionb

5 Reasons Why Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress is The Untapped Potential for Your Business

A recent TELUS study has shown that, all leading retailers now offer live chat support for their website if you want to gain competitive advantage providing the facebook livechat for wordpress plugin for your website is an important job for your website to be able to compete and hopefully lead the top.
In fact, facebook live chat for wordpress is the simplest way for businesses and customers to connect with each other.
The report by E-Marketer found: Almost two in 10 live chat respondents did more than 75% of their holiday shopping online, compared with 14% of those who did not chat. A further 25% of chatters made 51% to 75% of their purchases on the Web, versus just 10% of those who did not participate in the chat service.
If you still do not believe live chat can improve the business of your business please directly check this result, this study was conducted by Blod Chat. The cost savings and convenience for both staff and customers makes live chat not only a viable option for businesses today, but an essential tool for any company that thrives on providing excellent customer service.

5. facebook Live Chat for wordpress Taps into Customer Pain Points

5 Reasons Why Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress is The Untapped Potential for Your Business

Customer frustration or unfulfilled demand is called pain point and the marketers have relied on this pain to grow their business most effectively. Marketers such as Markus Allen turn these pain points into profits from researching these pain points they can write new content (blog, article ...), creating benefits for their advertisers, turn it into a sales opportunity for your customers.
facebook live chatfor wordpress provides timely, timely access to the pain points of the customer.
When customers use live chat, they’ll try to ensure that a product will perform as advertised or that a promotion will provide the discount they want. In addition, as live chat representatives talk to customers, they can find out ways to improve a company’s products and services.

Tips on Making Live Chat go the Extra Mile for Your Business

facebook live chat support can obviously increase the business potential of your business but only when it is done properly it brings all the benefits and brings good results. Here are some important tips to ensure you make the most out of facebook live chat for wordpress plugin:
  • Train your team: Your live business chat representative must have a very high level of knowledge about your non-monetization and site navigation provide cheat sheets and FAQs to improve their performance  make it easier for them to answer your customer's questions quickly.
  • Don’t be too robotic: The whole purpose of live chat is to provide warmth human assistance for the customer's shopping experience having a roobotic  greeting or reply can kill the effectiveness of live chat.
  • Consider hiring people with sales experience:  For the most effective use of live chat, consider using inside sales people and not just customer service representatives. People who have sales experience will more likely lead customers towards sales and increase the possibility of upselling.
  • Don’t forget to boost your social: When your live chat representatives receive positive feedback from online visitors and customers, consider instructing your representatives (or sales people) to nicely remind your visitors to Like your Facebook page and leave a comment on it.
  • Always prepare representative live chat: Do not give customers the feeling of waiting too long to be quashed and the representative must chat with the guest for a set time if not immediately.
  • Give your customers helpful chat features: Customers also need to be able to modify the font size, color, and conversation record, let customers feel at ease when talking with representatives.

Last words

You see that facebook live chat for wordpress can help your business to improve business situation in a great way but if you do not know how to use it, it will not give you all the power it has so you should be smart and smart when exploiting facebook live chat for wordpress to get the best results.
Wish you success using facebook live chat for wordpress plugin and bring the results as desired.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

You can create multisites on the same host. So do you think? We can create themes for each page on the same website. Can also
On some major websites you will probably find each of its categories a different theme they can do, your website can also do, there are many ways you can change the theme for each category in your site.
And now the easiest way to accomplish this is to use a plugin that specializes in changing the theme for each page  that plugin is a multiple theme.

features of multiple theme

The best thing about this plugin is that it allows us to use any theme for any link not just for category, tag, post or page.
It allows us to use a different interface based on a query or query with a certain value for example, you can apply a special interface for search pages with queries https://hatachi.com/?s=.
Or if you are using some parked domain visitors pointing to the main website, Plugins can also allow you to set up custom interfaces for such paths.

how to use multiple theme

prepare the theme.
To use this plugin, your theme must be uploaded to the website at the directory /wp-content/themes/ or download from the wordpress theme library.

After installing the Multiple Themes plugin is complete, we will set up in Settings -> Multiple Themes plugin.
use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

Here we will have sections included:
  • Settings: Basic setup to choose theme for home page, page.
  • Site Aliases: Set up the aliases domain to support plugin-defined paths, if you have used parked domains to point to the main website.
  • Advanced settings: Set theme for full site, full post, or full page.
  • Theme options: Guided setup menu, widget for this plugin.
  • System information: The host system information is running on the system.
  • Help: Instructions for submitting a support request to the author.
  • As a general view, next I will guide some basic cases to use this plugin.

Use a separate theme for the home page

to set up a theme for the home page we will go to the settings section of this plugin and go to the select theme for home site. Here, you need to select the theme for the home page.
use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

As shown above, we will use the Hueman theme for the homepage, here the plugin will not distinguish your homepage as a static page or a list of the latest posts as long as the path is domain-your.ltd then it will take it as homepage.

Set a theme for any page

For example, if you want to set up a specific theme for a category, you also go to the settings section of the plugin and go to For An Individual Page, Post or other non-Admin page then you have to add the path of the page at the url, post or other non-admin page and select the theme to activate.
use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

You can use any url including the url of a page or a certain post.

how to delete a theme of a page

After setting the theme for any page. Then you have no need to use anymore, we can delete in settings. Then at the Current Theme Selection Entries section and mark the delete section on the page that needs to be delete then change is complete.

Set theme for all pages and post

When using this plugin, you should set the theme to use for all pages, instead of using the theme enabled in Appearance -> Themes, the reason why should use the slice I will say later. To set this up you go to its Advanced Settings section and find the Theme for Everything section.
use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

Set interface for the remaining pages

When using this plugin, you should set the interface used for the rest of the page instead of using the theme enabled in the Appearance -> Themes, the reason a little below me will say. To set this up you go to its Advanced Settings section and find the Theme for Everything section.

Customize theme when using multiple theme

Each theme has its own menu settings and widgets should be used when using this plugins we have to set this for the whole theme to ensure the theme we want.

Settings menu

You look at the appearance -> in the admin page.
use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

Then select the theme you want to set in the active theme by clicking change, if theme is active theme is needed to set up is not needed anymore.
use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

Then go to menu and set menu.
use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

settings widget
Just like setting menu, go to Appearance -> Customize.
use multiple themes on the same wordpress website

Then select the theme to set.
And finally select Widgets to add the widget to the interface.

And finally select Widgets to add the widget to the interface.
And finally select Widgets to add the widget to the interface.

setting theme options

The theme with theme options using the customize built wordpress is too easy. We can use the same way to customize the theme.
Some theme cases have separate theme options as shown below
And finally select Widgets to add the widget to the interface.

 Then we only have one way is to enable theme to edit the theme options in the Appearance -> Themes and then we access the theme options of that theme and then edit.
To do this you should set up the default theme of the whole page in the Advanced Settings -> Theme for Everything so that when the interface of the page is activated will not be affected.

note when activating the theme

Activate the theme, the menu settings, widgets of each theme that we have set up before will probably be lost, so take note when using. It is best to use the theme using the whole customization.

Last words

After finding out many ways, many different solutions, I found that the plugins are plugins use many themes for wordpress website stable and easy to use. less troublesome because wordpress does not support by default, so using multiple themes at the same time can be a bit confusing and many errors occur.
Finally, the most important thing is to use a solution that is less error prone.
Hope these plugins will help you, and wish you success.
Another note is that you can completely install the plugin on each theme you have installed, for example, when you install facebook live chat forwordpress on your site, it will show all the themes, of course you can customize it for the place you want.

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Monday, September 4, 2017


After we enabled the Multisite feature on WordPress in the previous post, we can now start creating sub-sites and start getting to know the area in the site admin page.


When you enable Multisite, you have to visit its own admin page to create a website, install themes and plugins, and edit settings. To access this part you link to
My Sites -> Network Admin -> Dashboard.


Here you will find some main management items, perhaps you do not need to explain in detail because there are only a few functions.


To create a subsite, look for the Sites -> Add New section. Here you will enter the name of the website, the path, the email of the administrator and the language of the website.

Then, to access the site's own administration, you can go to Sites -> All Sites and press the Dashboard button of the website you want to visit.

And in the sub-site administration page, you can do all the work as a separate site except to install new plugins and themes because this will work on your website.


The child site in WordPress Multisite can not install the plugin and theme itself, so you will need to install the Network Admin and then activated separately for each child site.

We go back to My Sites -> Network Admin -> Dashboard to install the theme and install the plugin as usual. Once installed, you must activate it by selecting Network Enable and the new subnet will be enabled.


Then you visit the subsite and will use the theme that we have activated.

For the plugin is a bit different, you just install it and any website that you want to use you can go to the admin page of each website to activate, not to activate right at the Network Admin page.


If you click on the Network Enable button in the theme that I have instructed above all the website in the network will be able to use that theme. However, we can activate a specific theme for a specific website.


To do this go to Sites -> All Sites and click the Edit button of the website to set up.

last words

Then look for Themes and click the Enable button for the theme to activate separately with this website.
Too simple, and now Multisite feature of WordPress works quite standard and easy, not like before too, so installing the theme and plugin is easier, no plugin or theme must support new Multisite. arguable.

In the next article I will guide through the use of separate domain name for each website in the network.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

Before we proceed to install facebook live chat forwordpress, we have to do a very important action, download the free live chat for website to the computer already.
To download facebook live chat for wordpress you visit wordpress.org,  then find the plugin named facebook live chat for wordpress by ninjateam finally you download it to your computer and start the installation.
Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

Install facebook live chat for wordpress

To install the wordpress live chat plugin, you just have to make a few clicks.
First you go into your website dashboard, then click the plugins button.
Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

Then it will appear three options for you.
  • Installed plugins.
  • Add new.
  • Editor.

Next you click the add new button, at now, the top left you will see the word add plugins, next to it is upload pligin. lets Click upload plugin.
Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

Then wordpress will ask you to choose which plugin to add.  Now click on Select file.
Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

Next you have to select the plugin facebook live chat for wordpress you have downloaded.
Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

After you choose the file live facebook chat for wordpress then click install now.

You have finished installing facebook live chat forwordpress plugin for your site then
It is important that you always keep the plugin activation state.
Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

Customize facebook live chat for wordpress

After installing the wordpress plugin for your website, we have to do a few custom steps before using.
To customize you click on the settings.Then navigate to the facebook live chat section and click on it.
Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

  • Enable: You must enable if you like facebook live chat for wordpress activity.
  • Disable mobile: If you do not want facebook live chat for wordpress appear on the phone you click.
  • Your Facebook Fan Page URL: Enter your fanpage url. Example: https://www.facebook.com/hatachi.com/
  • Title: Enter the title you want for the chat box
  • Open Chat Text: You can be skip this item.
  • Enable hello chat: You can turn on to facebook live chat for wordpress automatically talk when guests visit.
  • Hello Content:  Please enter a greeting.
  • Start Button Text:
  • Hide Close Botton: If you want the customer can not find box close of box chat, click vào.
  • Custom Logo: Upload your custom logo in top bar. Recommend size is 20X20px.
  • Main Color: Enter any color that you deem appropriate to your website theme.
  • Start Minimized: Select minimized for Mobile, Desktop when first time visitor goes to your website.
  • Display: There are two options for you
  • Display for pages if you want facebook live chat for wordpress show all your fan pages
  • And display all pages but except if you want to display all face page but exclude fan page you do not want to show it
  • Where you want to display: Click on all if you want it to show full screen.
  • Languages: Select the language you want to display.
  • Finally, do not forget to save it.

Install and customize facebook live chat for wordpress

Last words

It's easy to download and install facebook live chat for wordpress.  Wish you have the best experience with facebook live chat for wordpress.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

what is woocommercer ?

what is woocommercer ?

We all know well, with the power of wordpress  it can make any kind of website thanks to the flexibility of the source code, as well as the API library available. But do not talk about self-writing code, it means, you probably do not know anything about the code at all, However, there will be a plugins that can help you make a sales site for all areas in wordpress website named woocomerce.

What is a woocomercer?

what is woocommercer ?

Just like facebook live chat for wordpress or facebookmessenger for wordpress are powerful tools to boost the wordpress website, Woocommerce is a free plugins, used to create the best small business eCommerce today in wordpress. It, like other plugins, adds functionality to the website, but it adds nearly all functionality that a simple sales page needs.
what is woocommercer ?

Woocommerce has major functions like

  • Create a product with regular format, product has attributes, affilate products and digital products.

  • Supports some forms of payment online PayPal, Credit Card, CoD, Cash and there will be more when installing plugins support for own woocommerce.

  • Support for self-calculating product taxes or tax on orders, depending on your adjustments.

  • Support conversion value (if available), there are many different delivery rates  there are many different delivery rates, it will be more versatile when installing the plugin that can calculate delivery prices by weight, size, local, on so on for woocommerce.

  • Professional order management site, order can be filtered through each state.

  • Support for custom display templates to manually reconfigure the shop and product template, which is very beneficial for programmers.

  • There are themes and extensions available that can turn a regular sales page into a professional sales site.

  • And there are so many cool features you should experience it yourself.
what is woocommercer ?

Woocommerce can be selected for those who need to make a simple shop page on their WordPress website to introduce products and allow customers to order online for more convenient sales.
This is just a prelude to a series of practical experiences when using woocommerce, In the following, I will guide you to use the features of woocommerce to make a professional website of your choice.
In addition, I will share some strings and use some important extensions, popular to add to the great features. My will talk about a number of programming problems in Woocommerce as search through template structure, hook and use the hook of it to upgrade options.
what is woocommercer ?
Admin page interface

My will talk about a number of programming problems in Woocommerce as search through template structure, hook and use the hook of it to upgrade options in customizing the display of woocommerce if you want more advanced.
So you should learn about basic wordpress. also, you should see what is the action hook ? and what is the filter hook ?
what is woocommercer ?

Last words

About woocommerce is an additional tool for wordpress, which increases the power of wordpress it will help us to make a sales page with the necessary basic functions right on your existing wordpress website without having to use a specialized source code .

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Install wordpress multisite

After learning about and know what wordpress multisite is install wordpress is very simple you just need to take two steps to install wordpress multisite in this tutorial I will guide you to work on a parent website with domain name hatachi.com of course you can choose any domain name as long as it is pre-installed wordpress.
If you are in the process of learning you should install wordpress multisite in a new website to avoid affecting the main website if the installation fails.

Enable wordpress multisite

Now you open the wp-config.php file of the parent site to enable wordpress multisite and insert the following code below <?php.

define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

Then at the wordpress admin page find the item Tools -> Network setup to start the installation.

But before proceeding with the installation we have to determine, we will use wordpress multisite anyway. There are currently two types

Subdomain: Child websites will have the address format subdomain of the parent website. Example: wordpress.hatachi.com, theme.hatachi.com, plugins.hatachi.com…on so on. And if you use this type you will need to set up a DNS wildcard as instructed below.

Sub-directory: Child websites will have addresses  the same format as the subfolder. Example: hatachi.com/wordpress, hatachi.com/theme, hatachi.com/plugins….on so on

In the Network Details section, enter the name and email address of the highest administrator.
Then press the install button to start the installation it will move you to the next page and start inserting the code into the file as instructed.  Specifically, insert the above code into the <? Php in wp-config.php and the code behind is to replace the existing code in .htaccess (if you use a Shared Host or Apache Webserver)

If tou use NGIGX

If you want to use NGINX as a webserver with PHP-FPM, we encourage you to use EasyEngine and install WordPress website with Multisite feature available on order:

ee site create domain.com --wpsubdom # use subdomain for subsite
ee site create domain.com --wpsubdir # use subdirectory for subsite
After inserting the code as required  you click log in to login. And now you will see on the admin menu there is my site to access the subsite

So we have finished installing WordPress Multisite.


If you use the subdomain subdomain path, you must set the DNS wildcard by adding a record to DNS as follows:
* IN A


In this section you have successfully activated the WordPress Multisite feature, the only remaining is the creation of sub-sites, administration and optimization for it. These sections will be covered in the next article.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Free Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress, Modern Marketing Solution

Free Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress, Modern Marketing Solution

Nowadays. very often customers will visit a company's website and found that they have queries that they can not find the answer unfortunately, there are many businesses lack of ability to provide live chat with customer for their website and forcing the visitor to open the e-mail, pick up the phone, or navigate to another web page to be able to know the answer to his query.
This really affects the conversion rate of customers visiting the website. But do not worry. Businesses use wordpress you can find and install many plugins for live chat for wordpress and the business can send the messenger to the customer immediately without letting the customer have to wait.
You can read 10 live chat plugins you should have forwordpress to find more plugins live chat similar. And one of them is plugins facebook live chat for wordpress, now customers can live chat with a business through plugins chat wordpress without having to leave the site.

 The Reasons A Business Website Needs To Have A Facebook Live Chat Messenger

Customers hate the wait

Time is a key factor and extremely important in customer service, for the form of sending email, post phone numbers waiting customers to call or redirect customers to another site, it is considered is the form marketing is no longer effective because it takes more time to solve customer problems the cost for that marketing from is also higher  so there should be a plugins to help live chat and support customers faster, at the same time improve the satisfaction of customers into your business promote business and reduce the cost of problem solving.
Moreover you can also use facebook live chat for wordpress to marketing your business reduce the financial burden on marketing.
Incorporate plugins facebook live chat with plugins facebookmessenger bulksender, or in combination with facebook messenger auto-reply it is also a good idea to market your business and the fact is that when you combine two plugins together, the results are unbelievably successful. Then why not try to combine them to make marketing more effective. In the next post I will guide you how to combine them to the most effective.

Increase conversion rates

Facebook live chat for wordpress help customers and business can live chat on facebook quickly, it is because the time to support fast customers will affect the decision to purchase also fast. It therefore helps to increase conversion rates, improve business and reduce cart abandonment rates.
When a visitor hits stuck on a site for a long time, businesses can actively use plugins live chat wordpress to open a conversation from within their site and provide support, eliminating any barriers that arise during the purchase process.

Features Of Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress

Free Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress, Modern Marketing Solution
seting of facebook live chat for wordpree plugins

facebook live chat for wordpress is free live chat for website wordpress you can easily find and download plugins with the keyword "facebook live chat for wordpress" on google.
Installation and use are also extremely simple, in just a few minutes you can use the best free live chat wordpress plugins.

Facebook live chat for wordpress has the features.
Free Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress, Modern Marketing Solution

You can select any admin menu or submenu to hide & sort it.

Yes, this is great. Facebook is saving the whole chat history. You can view chatlog anytime.

This is Amazing!! With Facebook server, bandwidth is not a problem to worry about.

Chat with many your customers at the same time, just like chatting with your friends in many chatbox.

Just enter your Facebook fan page URL. Then you can use it. Very simple. No Facebook app ID required.

Installing in just a few click and the whole secret weapon is ready to use.

You can customize colour in Settings. Make it harmonized with your website theme colour.

Facebook is popular and universal. It becomes around for quite a long time and people are very familiar with it.

Like button is shown in live chat popup. If you provide great support, your customers are more than willing to like and give some testimonials for your products/services.

More functions in this plugin you can buy it to experience
You can download the free version here

Reasons Business Should Choose Facebook Live Chat For Wordpress For Customer Support

Facebook Live Chat is crafted care for user friendliness. We apply all of Facebook UI criteria to design the perfect ratio of the chat box. All other buttons are also optimized for legibility and exposure. Beautiful design is also a factor to satisfy customers.

The number of Facebook users are continuously increasing. Chatbots, apps and new payment system are being developed to help all users find the most convenience in surfing and shopping. So if you’re collecting Facebook leads from now on, you’ll be the winner of the race.

Just for you to think about it. When you have a large Facebook audience, you’ll see what else you can do with them. There are plenty of features facebook livechat for wordpress currently have in mind and put in practice, such as conditional filter, export, automation, text spinning, and other features that you can find in next plugins.

Last Words

Facebook live chat for wordpress is the best tool to live chat support with the best customer according to my feeling. This is my real experience and the results that come with using facebook live chat for wordpress are absolutely convincing and great, if I were you, I suggest you try using this plugins live chat to experience the marketing results that it gives you.
In addition to the plugins facebook live chat also has a form of plugins that function to help website talk with the customer is facebook messenger for wordpress for those who want to learn.

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